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Alexander Karan

I am the co-founder and CTO at ClimateClever, a startup helping schools, homes, and businesses track, reduce, and report their carbon footprint.

A full-stack developer with over ten years of experience, I have previously run an App development agency, managing various teams from design and marketing to web and native mobile app developers both in Australia and abroad, and overseen the development of many projects.

My strengths are in system architecture design and being able to communicate complicated tech to everyday people. I have helped to scale numerous startups, and I am passionate about making a positive difference.

When I am not working, you can find me writing new articles about being a programmer, from opinion pieces to tutorials. I regularly talk on various topics, my latest two being on microservices at Latency Conf and a TEDx talk on privacy and data.

I am devastated by the state of the world, love a good political rant and can often be found swearing at no one in particular.

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Modern API Deployment Options in the Cloud

Modern API Deployment Options in the Cloud

Alexander Karan

May 04, 2022

Creating an API for your backend doesn't need to be complicated. Let's explore some options for bootstrapping an API using modern tools.

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