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tl;dv Sr. Back-End Engineer


Awesome that you are here! This job posting is mostly about the specific role that you could take at tl;dv. However overall company culture is extremely important for us. To get the full picture about tl;dv and all openings, please have a look at our tl;dv Careers & Culture page on Notion

We're looking for highly motivated team players to join our hungry squad - if you show in your application that you've read this page, this will highly increase our likelihood to respond within a day ∴

tl;dv in a nutshell

  • We aim to end meeting fatigue - people spend too much time on Zoom!
  • We're embedding live meetings in the async tool stack
  • We offer stock options for every new member joining our close-knit team - all of us are entrepreneurs at heart!
  • We are 100% remote

We love to be bold. To get an idea of the brand that we are building, check out our Product Hunt launch. Jack Nicholson will share with you how he thinks about meetings 儭

Our offer

We offer a mix of Phantom Stock (0.1 - 0.3%) and industry-standard compensation for you. The rates are depending on your level of experience, but also the added value brought into the team! We like to focus on your trajectory, not your state. We believe that anyone with the right mindset and motivation can win against Goliath. As a consequence, were looking to promote from within.

General skills and personality traits important to us across the company

  • Passionate about the future of remote and async-first culture
  • You care about the problem we're solving
  • You love product-led growth
  • You're able to navigate through ambiguity and thrive in early startups
  • You're able to break goals into a clear roadmap with milestones
  • You're independent and can manage your own workload (and our expectations)
  • You're curious and creative
  • You're looking outside the box and are passionate to improve other business areas at tl;dv
  • You love growth!
  • You have strong writing skills and are a pro-active communicator
  • Kind and honest personality
  • BYOW - bring your own weirdness 弘

Back-End Development at tl;dv

We're building really cool infrastructure, and are currently the only provider that is able to integrate with Google Meet without compromising the live highlight setting and video recording. On top of that, we have built technology that can work with any other video conferencing platform, even those without an open SDK or API. We love building fast and reliable lightweight solutions such as our Grammarly-like Notion integration or instant video delivery.

The challenges we faced to build tl;dv were manifold, but our strong engineering team weathers every storm - and is now ready to add more team players to the roster. You?!

Here is what we're looking for

  • Experience in mid or large size companies building apps that scale
  • 4-6 years of experience as a Back-End Developer
  • Deep knowledge of Docker (Cloud Solutions such as Google Cloud, or AWS are a plus)
  • Deep knowledge of NodeJS, and microservices architecture
  • APIs, Security; 3rd-Party integrations
  • MongoDB, Mongoose
  • GIT & CI/CD tools
  • Knowledge of agile methodology
  • Initiative, and ability to solve problems through innovative solutions;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of Strapi is a plus
  • Knowledge of Puppeteer is a plus
  • Knowledge of State-Machine is a plus

To learn more about tl;dv and our culture, check out our tl;dv Careers & Culture page!

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