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Nrwl · Backend JS Lead

Position: Backend JS Lead

Who We Are?

We build Nx. Nx is a smart, fast and extensible build tool for JavaScript with excellent support for monorepos. 1.5+ million developers, and 50%+ of Fortune 500 companies rely on Nx.

Currently, Nx is most widely used in the React and Angular communities. We just raised USD$8.5m to make Nx the default build tool across the JavaScript ecosystem.

Why Join Nx?

Live and work in places you love

We are a distributed company with central offices in Toronto and Phoenix, but our team is spread all over North America and Europe.

At Nx, you get to decide when and how you work best. Whether you want to spend a week working remotely from a coffee shop in Barcelona, or you're a night owl who wants to work in the evening — it’s your choice. You know what makes you most productive and happy. Do that!

Work with smart, friendly, and fun people

We care less about your resume: where you worked at and how many  years of experience you have. What matters most to us is whether you are a great engineer who likes what they do, and whether you can do amazing work.

Trust your company and your colleagues

Above all, we value transparency and honesty. Everyone knows how much money the company is making. Everyone knows how much everyone else is making. We don’t have behind the scenes negotiations, departmental silos, or company politics.

We have:

Vacation and Sick Days: We want everyone to have fulfilling lives outside work and spend more time with their families and friends. That’s why we provide 4 weeks of vacation and unlimited sick days.

Competitive Salaries: We pay really well because in addition to providing a great work environment we also want you to live comfortably. Salary depends on your level and is non-negotiable.

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance: We offer health, dental, and vision plans for all employees.

No Red Tape Attitude Towards Expenses: You can get the best hardware, software, office supplies, books. Large purchases will be approved the same day.

Remote Work: Work from our Phoenix offices, work from home, work from anywhere you want.

See for more information on the company https://nrwl.io/careers

Who We Are Looking For?

We are looking for someone who can make Nx the best build tool for Node.js APIs, edge and cloud functions. They should understand developer needs and what is lacking in the backend space for TS/JS.

You must have:

Rich experience in writing JavaScript on the backend (APIs, functions, lambda, edge).

Familiarity with different JavaScript communities (e.g., Node.js, Deno).

A deep appreciation of good tooling, ideally some experience in building some

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