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Specify · Backend Software Engineer (TypeScript)


At Specify, we help organizations distribute their brand identity within their design system.

Specify is the first Design Data Platform that collects, stores and distributes design tokens and assets in a design system — automatically.

After years of user research, market analysis & product validations, we are now ready to scale the solution globally. That's why we are seeking the best talents out there... Maybe you are one of them!

We are product maniacs and a design centric startup.Yes it still exists. If you like Ops, APIs, Design & Dev Tools, and Open Source then you should love Specify! We are looking for people driven by strong product values ready to shape the next generation of Design API.

Job Description

Working with the company's team, you will help our growing engineering team to shape the future of Specify by developing the best solution to help our users to create, maintain and distribute their design system.

On a daily basis your job will consist in:

  • Designing and developing new features taking into account Specify's users’ feedback

  • Supporting product team by building internal tools and libraries

  • Be responsible for the code quality by reviewing the code, writing tests, and establishing new processes

  • In association with the other teams, you will bring your technical expertise to prioritize tasks and features

  • Being proactive in the maintenance and evolution of the technical stack

You will work on every backend part of our Information System. Be it on:

  • The microservices that collect, store, transform and deliver design datas and assets

  • The integrations with other tools of the ecosystem such as Figma, GitHub, Azure DevOps, etc

  • The internal libraries to improve our developer experience

  • The infrastructure to build scalable and highly available services

  • The public API

  • The implementation of our design system format specification

You will also work on clients parts:

  • The CLI client used to deal with Specify
  • The SDK will be used to improve the developer experience

**Our current stack and tools

Main language

  • Both the front-end and the back-end are in TypeScript.
  • For maintenance and homogeneity purposes, we use TypeScript whenever it is possible. It simplifies the onboarding of any new developer and eases our code readability.


  • For the backend side, we use a couple NodeJS / FastifyJS. We also have some services with HapiJS.
  • For the communication between microservices, we use queues through SQS and RabbitMQ. For the synchronous request we use basic HTTP requests or TRPC when it’s necessary.
  • We leverage on AWS to manage clusters through services like ECS, Code pipeline, RDS (PostgreSQL), AmazonMQ…
  • The frontend part is built with Vue3.

Product tools

  • We use git flow to manage our branches and GitHub for reviews.
  • The CI/CD is managed with CircleCI to launch tests executed with Vitest.
  • To communicate and manage projects, we use Linear, Notion, Thread, and Gather.


  • At least 3 years as a developer, a previous experience in a startup environment is an advantage
  • Strong knowledge in TypeScript.
  • Strong knowledge in Docker, network tools (RabbitMQ, kafka...), and databases (PostgreSQL, Redis...)
  • Strong knowledge with Git (branch, rebase, cherry-pick, squash, submodule...)
  • Full professional English capacities
  • Full capacity to work and improve workflow in a monorepo environment
  • Ability to work in the French timezone


You'll work in a remote-friendly environment with passionate and talented people. You will have the chance to shape the future of collaboration between product teams.

  • Work remotely as you wish...
  • ... A warm seat is always available at our HQ in Paris
  • We offer a complete remote working pack (laptop, chair, tools etc.)
  • Competitive salary & equity package (4y vesting schedule with 1y cliff)
  • Quality health insurance (Alan)
  • Transportation fees (50%)
  • Meal tickets (Swile) - 10€/day
  • Montly gaming apéro with the team (Among us, Gartic phone, Codenames, etc.)
  • Annual Team Retreats
  • Flexible hours & vacation time
  • A front seat to witness the disruption of the global design system environment

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