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Veridic Solutions · C++ developer


Sr. C/C++ Windows Developer

Location: Remote

Who are we looking for? The required engineer is expected to be comfortable developing C++ Desktop Applications and WinNT Services in Windows 10, being familiar with Windows-related development and debugging tools. In addition, the engineer should be comfortable developing clean object-oriented code in large source code bases

Mandatory Skills: C++, Windows, ATL/COM

Technical Skills:

  • 6+ years of experience actively working with the C++ programming language.
    • Familiar with the C++ 14 and 17 specs.
    • Used to the Visual Studio IDE (2019 and 2022).
    • Comfortable contributing in large projects (400k+ lines of code) involving several repositories.
  • 4+ years of experience developing Applications (or WinNT Services) for Windows using the Win32 API set.
    • Expertise developing WinNT Services using C++.
    • Expertise developing class libraries and creating shared libraries (DLLs).
    • Comfortable with all the following Windows specific behavior, features, and tools:
      • Power Awareness.
      • Local System Vs Current User privileges.
      • COM interfaces.
      • WinDbg.
      • Performance Monitor.
  • Familiarity with the C# programming language
    • Understanding of wrapping/interoperability techniques from Native C++ to Managed C#.
    • Awareness of UWP application sandboxing


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