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Stitch · Engineering Team Lead

We are looking for an experienced engineering team lead to head our financial institution integrations engineering team. You will co-lead the integrations product alongside the product manager for the team, manage the engineering team, and still directly contribute to the codebase. You will report directly to our CTO and be part of our engineering leadership team.

The ideal candidate has experience working on integrating banks through reverse engineering portals/apps and 8+ years in industry as a developer.

Salary between $90,000 - $150,000 per year.

Software Engineering Principles

We firmly believe that any technical choice should be mediated by an understanding of the costs and benefits, nevertheless here are some of the engineering principles that we espouse as a matter of course:

  • User First - We are never satisfied with a technically convenient design if it leaves our end users worse off. We will always go the extra mile for our users.
  • Type Driven Development - Type driven development is all about thinking deeply about your domain and modelling data types in such a way that it makes illegal state unrepresentable. We strongly believe that a type first approach leads to strong architecture and better results for the end user.
  • Functional/Functional Reactive architecture - We believe that while pragmatism is important, software quality can be improved by constraining mutability, adopting message passing concurrency, separating side effects from business logic, and making use of declarative, functional APIs.


Engineering Owner of Key Product Outcomes:

  • Engineering for Financial Institution Integrations product area
  • Works in partnership with Product Manager to deliver against business objectives and to make product decisions


  • Individual contributor to team cycle work: contribute as an engineer on the team, focusing on more critical or architecture related tasks
  • Lead or assist with engineering discovery and design on future features
  • Be available to help team members on their tasks and address blockers they may encounter. This also includes checking in with them frequently to ensure they are not quietly getting stuck or going in the wrong direction with a task

Communication & Coordination of engineering work:

  • Communicate product, roadmap, timeline and process decisions made by the company to the team
  • Communicate progress and estimates from the team to management and raise any concerns or relevant information they would need to plan ahead
  • Collaborate with other team leads to ensure architecture decisions in teams are thought out and sanity-checked, as well as not overlapping with work done on another team.
  • Run retro and cycle reviews to evaluate how we can improve management of future cycles. Any action items that are process related or outside of the scope of the team, should be actioned by the team lead

Onboarding & Culture:

  • Facilitating learning of codebase and systems
  • Maintain and drive culture, and motivation, within the team (and across engineering)
  • Driving technical vision and philosophies of the company, within a tea


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent Computer Science qualification
  • 8+ years in industry as a developer working with business-critical systems
  • Experience working on integrating banks through reverse engineering portals/apps


  • Functional programming experience
  • Web Application Experience (React)
  • Application Security Experience
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Understanding of the actor programming model
  • Familiarity with Node.js & Typescript


🏖 Remote-Flexible

At Stitch, we want our team members to be able to work from anywhere. As a business with continental (and eventually global) ambitions, we firmly believe that putting the best team together involves letting both current and future Stitches work from where they want to. You’ll have the opportunity to work from one of our offices (Cape Town & Johannesburg) if you wish or remotely. Remote team members will have the opportunity to visit our offices regularly where we have team lunches every day! 🍜 Friends, family, pets - everyone's invited!

🎨 Stock Options

We want to ensure that you own a part of this company, as your work will drive the fabric of the business.

🩺 Medical Aid

Stitch contributes and provides medical aid coverage for all team members.

💻 Equipment

All Stitchers a state of the art laptop (e.g. MacBook Pro) along with a $200 budget to spend on a keyboard and mouse of your choice.

🔥 Culture & Values

Stitch has a culture that emphasizes sustainable processes, kindness, and work-life balance. We value diversity in all its forms and believe that a broad range of lived experiences makes our team and product stronger. This is especially important to us as our leadership team includes diverse racial backgrounds and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

⛽ Our Investors

Stitch is a well-funded venture-backed startup. Our network of global investors include the co-founders of Venmo, Klarna and Flutterwave, and founding team members from Plaid and Revolut. Our network of investor funds include firstminute capital, Raba Partnership, CRE and Village Global, bringing backing from LPs such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos.

This funding gives us the capital to make sure that all employees are empowered to do their jobs, and incorporates industry veterans who will help us grow and operate a multinational fintech startup.

👩🏾‍💻 Developers!

We care deeply about developer experience and aim to provide tools and systems that software engineers will rave about. The team has collectively had a great deal of experience building fintech and developer-facing products in Africa and other emerging markets.

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