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BestOdds.com · Founding Full-Stack Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for a founding engineer to design and develop a robust, scalable platform to serve as the backbone of our business. Our tech is one of the core pillars of our success. Speed, reliability, and continuing to innovate are the basic building blocks that allow us to scale traffic and grow revenues. We are looking for someone that is excited to continue to build this venture with us. This is a remote position and hence you will be given a significant amount of flexibility to structure your work day, hence good organisation and communication skills are key. Our company has an open and friendly environment where people are excited to work together and can have fun. However, we are serious about what we do and we expect any new team member to be.

The kind of stuff you'll be doing:

  • Develop and scale a fast growing performance marketing site into a sector leading product offering
  • Designing and developing new features for our ordering stack, which is written in NUXT.JS, with a Vue.js front-end and hosted within the Vercel cloud
  • Integrating APIs into front facing custom widgets to display information visually
  • Partner with founders and product team to create a category-defining product
  • Extending and improving existing system services and software components
  • Optimizing the site for SEO performance
  • Identifying and resolving complex issues, manage continuous integration and the release pipeline
  • Define best-in-class engineering standards and practices
  • Help assemble a diverse and distributed team of exceptional builders

The kind of experience you'll need:

  • 3 Years + Experience with web application development, including back-end / server-side and front-end / client-side development
  • Experience with Wordpress as a CMS and NUXT.JS as a backend framework
  • Familiarity with Vue as a front-end and Tailwind CSS
  • Understanding of fundamental web technologies: HTTP, REST, JSON, XML
  • Experience with functional and unit testing
  • Facility with version control systems (Git preferred)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The extra stuff that would be nice:

  • Working knowledge of PHP
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with Geolocation technology to track users and adjust content for them
  • Reasonable skill with spreadsheets and diagrams
  • Significant experience with building server-side rendered SPA's using Vue.js
  • Good QA & QA Automation experience

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