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Trust is a fundamental component of functioning markets. Without a legitimate and reliable reputation system, it is difficult for individuals to build trust. The absence of a reputation standard is restraining DeFi.

Reputation DAO (f.k.a. Chainlink Oracle Reputation) is building verifiable, decentralised and programmable reputation services for DeFi. Reputation is building a bridge between DeFi and traditional finance which will enable individuals to leverage their real-world financial data and identity when interacting with smart contracts. With a powerful data streaming engine, Reputation DAO analyses account, oracle and DAO specific data on-chain.

Reputation is the key to unlocking DeFi and bringing to life numerous new decentralised applications.

For more information on what we are building please see here and here.

Front-end Developer

As a senior Frontend Developer you will be leading a team of developers to design interfaces for Reputation and to build infrastructure that secures DeFi by analyzing and visualizing on-chain data. You will be given a high level of ownership over your work, the opportunity to expand your knowledge of a fast-growing industry, and the chance to help build the decentralized infrastructure of the future.

As a decentralised organisation, this role can be based anywhere in the world. See specifics in Requirements. #LI-Remote

🎯 Responsibilities

  • Work closely with our team of engineers to design and develop interfaces for our DAPPs

  • Responsible for the management of the frontend of Reputation

  • Conduct technical research and documentation for Reputation

  • Lead front-end developers following a two-week agile sprint cycle

  • Learn, research, document and innovate as you build

📄 Requirements

  • 3+ years software development experience

  • Experienced in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Experiences with popular front-end JavaScript frameworks (Next.js, React.js or similar libraries likes Vue.js)

  • Experienced or has an interest in building Web3 applications

  • High attention to detail

  • An understanding of networking and communication protocols

  • Experience working with web APIs

  • Experience with Git and standard Git workflows

  • Working knowledge of relational databases

  • Experience working as part of a distributed team is preferred

Reputation DAO:

Reputation is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that is Reimagining Trust. DAO’s are a new entity structure that allows token holders to transparently view and govern selected functions. Mycelium is a service provider to the DAO.

Build a transparent, open and privacy focused system of Trust.

Provide scores, models and visualisations as an independent, 3rd party service provider for DeFi and Web3.

Democratise reputation and credit systems through a DAO based voting structure - our customers are shareholders.

Enable people to reliably understand which open financial applications, vendors or networks are reputable.

🚀  Joining at this stage, you will help us shape:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Our future team culture

⚙️ Our engineering practices

🙋🏻‍♂️  The people that we hire

🔮  The direction of Reputation products

Reputation is part of the Mycelium network. Growing since 2018, Mycelium has people distributed across Australia, US, UK, Canada, EU, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India, with a commitment to continue expanding. Mycelium incubates big ideas, providing critical nourishment and enriching the protocols to emerge independently. The relationship continues through providing centralised resources to manage legal, financial, recruitment, advisory, capital raising and research requirements. Creating a network advantage to succeed in web3.

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