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UpCodes · Full Stack Engineer


As a foundational member of our engineering team, you'll be involved in end-to-end development on features across our web product. We have a frequent cadence of shipping new features and a close connection to our market.

You'll have to be willing to get your hands dirty with (and learn) everything across the stack: API design, frontend, backend, data engineering, algorithms, startup engineering, analytics, etc.


  • 3+ years of experience building web products, ideally across the stack

  • Clean simple code, even when solving complex problems

  • Strong sense of UX

  • Good systems design

  • Ability to learn new tech quickly


  • Python, PostgreSQL, Flask, Redis, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind, AWS, Kubernetes


  • Create a tool that allows experts to write formulas to identify when a building code section applies for a user's building, so we can help them find relevant information

  • Create Rap Genius-style annotations on sections of building code, to create a more interactive user experience

  • Write algorithms to detect and display how versions of a code have changed through time, so users understand how regulations have evolved

  • Help migrate to React/Next on the frontend

Job Type: Full-Time

100% Remote
Pay: $130k-$165k base + equity

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