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OrbLabs · Full Stack Software Engineer


We are Orb Labs! We are building the Visa of blockchains and decentralized applications with our gas-efficient and secure cross-chain messaging protocol. Our innovative technology inspires and enables a new wave of ominchain applications that will scale web3 to the masses by abstracting complexity and improving accessibility; ultra-low gas fees, great security, and intuitive experiences.

🚀 Mission & charter of the company/team 🚀

  • Mission

    • Empower every developer to build accessible and scalable omnichain applications, and enable every individual to access web3 with no friction.
  • Values

    • First Principles Thinking: we break down problems into basic, foundational elements/truths and build/reason up from there. We are not bound by conventional thinking.

    • Ownership: we take responsibility for delivering the best work to our customers and colleagues

    • Customer focus: we think first about our customers and strive to deliver inspiring products and experiences.

    • Urgency: we are obsessed with the future and want to deliver it as fast as possible while being intentional.

👨‍💻 Qualifications 👩‍💻

  • Must-haves

    • 3+ years of experience architecting, developing, and testing scalable backend and frontend systems; we are also open to backend developers interested in learning frontend.

    • Strong interest or experience in web3; experience in web3 is preferred.

    • Desire to be active in developer and web3 communities (e.g., Github, Discord, Telegram, etc.)

    • Passion for building, a bias for action, and being excited by uncertainty.

  • Nice-to-haves

    • Undergrad or postgrad degree in Computer Science

    • Startup experience

🤩 Why join Orb Labs? ✨

  • Join the Visa of blockchain applications at an early stage; as a founding team member, this allows you to not only reap the upside but also shape the future of the crypto industry.

  • Generous equity offer in a company supported by some of the best web3 investors, including Bain Capital Crypto, Shima Capital, 6th Man Ventures, and several high-profile web3 investors and angels. With multiple years of runway!

  • High-impact roles for career path/growth opportunities

    • The team is currently just two technical co-founders. You get to build many systems from the ground with great ownership of projects and technical decisions; autonomy to build.

    • Chance to learn about web3 and blockchain interoperability by working alongside some of the best engineers and researchers in crypto, starting with the founders and via our customers and investors.

    • Chance to grow/transition to leadership and management positions as the company grows in headcount and/or product offerings.

  • Benefits

    • Comprehensive health, vision, and dental insurance

    • 401k

    • Unlimited PTO + public holidays

🈺 Interview panel + focus areas

  • Meet with one of the co-founders, Felix

  • Meet the other co-founder, Richard

  • Either:

    1. Take-home exercise, or

    2. Paid work trial of 3-5 days for both sides to explore working together; we can be creative about this step if they are busy at their current job.

  • References. We ask for 1-2 references from colleagues they have previously worked with.

🗺️ Location: Remote in the United States, but ideally around the NYC area

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