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Pear VC · Full-Stack Software Engineer


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities(IDD) like autism or cerebral palsy. If you’re familiar with the space, you know just how challenging it is for people with disabilities to find and access support in their community that fits their goals. We aim to change that by combining technology with human kindness and human capital. We’re hiring change-makers in this space who are committed to helping the disabled community find a sense of belonging anywhere with any goal.

We are a startup founded out of Stanford University and backed by Pear VC, the same investors behind DoorDash, Gusto and Heap!

At NeuroNav, we are deeply committed to building a workplace where inclusion is not only valued, but prioritized. It is important to us that you bring your authentic self to work every single day, no matter your race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, family status, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, neurodiversity, disability, age, or veteran status, or any other non-merit based or legally protected grounds. Inclusion isn’t just an initiative at NeuroNav, it is central to our mission and culture.

We highly encourage all diverse applicants to apply, particularly neurodivergent candidates. We hire neurodiverse talent, amplify neurodiverse voices, and design products with neurodiverse input.

The Role: Full-Stack Software Engineer (Mid - Senior Level)

$110k-$150k depending on experience + equity

100% Remote, Based in the United States.

You will help us rapidly iterate and experiment with various product ideas. As we are in a highly experimental phase, you will build from the ground up and leverage open source and 3rd-party tools so that we focus on our “secret sauce” and are able to rapidly release features to gather feedback from our clients and their families. You are comfortable with shifting priorities and are eager to collaborate with our Product Manager.

There are many pathways to becoming a software engineer. We look for talented and dedicated software engineers rather than any particular educational achievement. However you learned the craft, there’s a place for you at NeuroNav.

The challenges you will work on:

  • Complete full-stack feature development from creating the UI to deploying on AWS.

  • Research, experiment with and recommend third party and open source tools that will enable us to build faster.

  • Creating truly accessible software for a diverse user base.

  • Helping the next members of our team through mentorship, code review, and collaboration.


  • Love full stack development

  • Ship new features quickly, appropriately adding and cleaning up technical debt

  • Write automated tests as part of your development work with a preference for integration tests

  • Enjoy taking ownership of ideas to help the team quickly build the best solution

  • Communicate effectively using tools like Github, Slack, and Zoom to collaborate with a distributed, remote team.

  • Seek out team feedback & support but is comfortable with ambiguity and autonomy

  • Aware of your strengths but are flexible and willing to jump in wherever needed

  • Eager to learn, share your expertise with colleagues, and face new challenges

Desired Technical Experience

We are looking for great people. The following list is just meant to give you an idea of what could help you be successful. However, we believe that people can make the best decisions for themselves when given the right information and opportunities. So please apply if you think that you are a good fit for this role regardless of how many bullet points match up with your résumé.

  • Writing production-level code for 2+ years.

  • Strong React and TypeScript skills. (Vue and TypeScript experience works, too)

  • Strong API development skills, Python preferred.

  • Experience with modern cloud-native application architecture and deployment patterns, AWS preferred

Our Tech Stack

Here is what we are currently using but tomorrow we might use other tools as we experiment and figure out what is the best tool for the job.

  • Frontend is React / TypeScript with a preference for leveraging React Query, Context API, other Hooks. We are using Material UI. We’re looking at Playwright or Cypress for our end-to-end testing tool.

  • Backend is in Python using FastAPI with SQLModel/Pydantic/SQLAlchemy/Alembic. We like type hints and pytest.

  • Our assorted DevOps tools are currently:

    • Deployed on AWS and using the following solutions: Aurora PostgreSQL, Lambda, APIGateway, CloudFront, CodeDeploy, S3

    • CI/CD tools are Github, CircleCI, and Docker. And we use docker compose for local development.

    • Pulumi is our infrastructure as code tool.

Benefits and Perks

  • Diverse and inclusive culture

  • Stipend for health, vision, & dental insurance

  • 401(k)

  • Paid time off

  • Life insurance

  • 100% Remote (Occasional travel for offsite retreats)


Today, our Product and Engineering team consists of our Technical Lead and our Senior Product Manager. This role will report to the Technical Lead but we operate as a largely flat structure in our product and engineering team. We’re highly experimental and collaborative. Most of our efforts have been focused on customer discovery and prototyping as we figure out the best way to leverage software to achieve our company’s mission and complement the human-centered advocacy work of our navigator team. As a founding member of the engineering team at NeuroNav, you will have the opportunity to design and build products that help us to extend, deepen, and improve this life-changing work. If you are excited about the challenge of building from scratch (or near scratch) and want to work for a company that is truly mission driven, come join us.

Interview Process*

We want to get to know you and give you an opportunity to get to know us. The following is how we work towards that goal. If you need additional conversations to learn about us, we will make that happen. As with everything we do, we experiment, seek feedback, and adjust. So please inform us if there is another way that would better enable us to understand your experience and expertise.

*This process is subject to change.

  • Phone screen (Internal Recruiter)

    • 15-20 minute conversation about your goals and life at NeuroNav

    • Goal: Determine if there is a mutual fit.

  • Real world based Technical Assessment (1.5 hour - 2 hours)

    • We use a platform called Woven - https://www.woventeams.com/

    • Woven is a fantastic tool that evaluates your technical skills using real-world scenarios. It’s as thorough and grounded in actual software engineering work as homework / project type evaluations but will not require hours of work. There will not be additional, live coding exercises in future rounds.

    • Goal: Determine if you have the technical skills for the role.

  • Hiring Manager deep dive (Technical Lead)

    • 45-60 min Discuss your experiences and goals

    • Discuss the role and what it is like to be an engineer at NeuroNav

    • We will discuss some of your work on Woven and other technical topics that could include things like how to pay down tech debt, etc. This will be a discussion. There will not be any white boarding or coding.

    • Goal: Determine if it is a good fit and go on to technical assessment

  • Interview Loop - 3 interviews: 30-45 minute engineering interview, 30-45 minute Behavioral Interview & 30-45 minute interview with CEO

    • 30-45 minute behavioral interview

      • You will talk with another member of our team, most likely our Product Manager during the behavioral interview. We will assess your soft skills and this will give you a chance to learn more about the culture of NeuroNav
    • 30-45 minute interview with CEO and Founder

      • The final interview is with our CEO and founder, Kim Schreiber. It will be another discussion to assess whether you and NeuroNav are a good match. You will also be able to learn more about NeuroNav, our long-term strategy, and how the unique culture of NeuroNav was created and has been continually strengthened since it’s beginning.

      • Goal: Determine if you can effectively work cross-functionally and are a good fit for the company.

    • 30 minute Interview the interviewer with Technical Lead (Optional but recommended)

      • This is an opportunity for you to ask more questions about the role. Deciding on the next step of your career is a big decision and we have this built into our process to ensure you have the opportunity to have a focused session around your questions.
  • References

    • Goal: Verify work history and learn more about you from those who have enjoyed working with you.
  • Offer

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