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SovTech · Mobile App Developer (iOS/Swift)

Hello from SovTech 👋

Are you looking to become part of a team that is changing the way businesses across the world build software? We work with Africa’s smartest people, leveraging pockets of excellence across our continent’s 5 fastest-moving economies. Our extensive networks within Africa’s largest Banks, Renewable Energy companies, Fintech’s, and the like allow our people to live on the bleeding edge of technology 🌍

We invest in people who can see the future & who work hard to achieve it. SovTech has a young, dynamic, and fast-growing team. We’re only looking for outstanding people – those unique individuals who are brilliant, always happy to help, socialize, get involved, work hard, and enjoy what they do! We have a continuous learning culture that allows our people to grow and develop in the opportunities across our various teams. Keep reading to learn about what else we have to offer 🙌

About the role:

We are looking for someone with the below abilities:

  • Provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior members in the team.
  • Continuously collaborate with iOS Engineers across different teams.
  • Work and collaborate with product owners and Agile teams to understand, design, develop and implement new features using engineering best practices, design guidelines and principles.
  • Develop innovative new features: evaluate user journeys, design implementations from product specifications, write great code and collaborate with your team to deliver features.
  • Contribute technical ideas to improve our products and refine our development process - we have a well defined roadmap for technical improvements on our iOS codebase.
  • Translate designs into efficient, maintainable and reusable code and tests.
  • Participate in code review to integrate changes with the existing codebase.
  • Use your time effectively and take ownership of your work.
  • Support other members of the team, communicate and participate.
  • Be part of the team and SovTech's culture
  • Attend daily stand-ups, plan with your team and share knowledge.

About our Culture:

We are Fluid 🌊

Our teams are globally distributed so we have adopted a Fluid approach to remote vs office-based work, encouraging freedom, fluidity of working location, collaboration & exploration. At SovTech, teams define their remote days to encourage collaboration & knowledge sharing whilst still creating the flexibility of remote working.

Want to know more about our culture 🎉

Have a look through our Careers page & our The SovTech Spex.

Check out our latest Blog posts.

Finally, if that does not give you enough insight into SovTech, check out our Humans of SovTech Instagram page 🙌

  • Good knowledge of Swift and UIKit
  • Experience working with a component library and style guide
  • Good understanding of SOLID principles
  • Experience with Functional Reactive Programming (FRP), particularly RxSwift and/ or Combine
  • Experience consuming RESTful APIs, and collaborating in their design
  • Experience with unit testing (XCTest) and, equally important, writing testable code
  • Experience with Git and GitHub
  • Comfortable working with CI/CD processes
  • Familiarity with the process of creating and shipping apps (provisioning profiles, certificates, App Store Connect, TestFlight, etc.)
  • Familiarity with common architectural patterns (MVC, MVVM, etc.)

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