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Hi 👋🏾 I’m Noel Baron and I’m the Co-Founder and CTO at Post. Noam Bardin (original CEO of Waze, my co-founder and CEO) and I believe that a small talented team given the right environment can build high-quality software fast (and sleep soundly at night while systems are running!).

Post recently launched beta and we are growing quickly. Below are some of the roles we are actively looking for. If you do not fit into these categories, please still apply and tell us more about yourself. We are always looking to connect with great engineers.

  • Senior - Principal AWS Typescript Engineers: Lambda, Event Driven Architecture, Dynamo, scale & social applications. Cognito Expertise (Social Sign In) is our biggest need there.

  • React Seniors: Engineers with extensive React or Vue experience who would be open to learning SOLID.js, SSR experience also appreciated.

  • Automation Engineers: people who love to write the automated tests for FRONT and BACK end.

  • Recommendations/ML

  • Data Engineering

  • Native Mobile Developers (iOS/Andriod)

  • Graph/Search Specialists

We are excited to open these positions because they have many of the responsibilities I wanted as an engineer and made me successful when I had them (which was rare!). As a product engineer, you’ll take ownership over a large portion of one of our products and own many micro-projects end-to-end (wearing hats traditionally worn by product and design). You’ll, for example, research competitors, write product specs, document code, and implement features from frontend to backend (where applicable). To ground it with examples, product engineers at Post have:

  • Content ingestion systems that feed news content from Publishers into consumable social media posts on our platform.

  • Designed local developer experiences that rely on best-practice tooling like ESLint, Prettier, and a host of continuous integration/deployment tools. 

  • Cross-service serverless API endpoints designed to streamline how services communicate with one another in both internal and external contexts.

These projects are also a reflection of what we’re trying to accomplish at Post: improving the productivity of working professionals (starting with talented teams) with intelligent and powerful software. We put a lot of effort into designing products that are approachable to beginners but mastered & extended by power users. In many ways, spreadsheets set the bar here.

There’s not much out there about us but we have lots of paying customers that love us and we are well funded by brand name silicon valley investors. I’ll share more once we meet.

One formality, we do require that you can provide 40+ hours of dedicated time to our mission. This is a startup, and this position will give you a seat at our early-employee’s table but will be expected to work hard and perform miracles.

Engineering Culture

Collaboration is Natural & Communication is Deliberate

Our engineering team (and team at large) consists of lifelong learners who are humble and kind. It’s something we filter for in interviews and creates an environment where collaboration happens naturally. We combine this with research, prototyping, and written proposals to see around corners and get feedback from the team across time zones. Focus time is something that we hold sacred, and, with thoughtful and deliberate communication, engineers are able to focus 36h out of a 40h work week.   

Increase Leverage not Team Size

We built Post Media with the quality, breadth, and depth that many customers would expect from much larger teams over larger time scales. We’ve done this through investment in:

  • Great developer tooling. Our CI/CD takes ~10m and we deploy at least 5x a day. Everyone on the team has contributed to developer experience 💪🏾

  • Common building blocks to build powerful and customizable products fast. At the core of Post is a set of common components (analytics modeling and query language, policy engine, workflow engine, design system) which we are constantly improving. Each improvement to a common component cascades throughout our app.

Give Engineers Ownership & Autonomy

We, as engineers, find clever ways to solve problems and that amplifies when we deeply understand the problem. We did our best work as engineers when we had a deep understanding of the end-user and the business and ownership over the solution. Our engineering culture reflects this experience: engineers own projects end-to-end from speaking with users to writing product specs to UX design. These are skills that we often don’t get to practice as engineers, and, at Post, we provide mentorship to improve them and help from the team where you want it.

Put Effort into Diversity 

Diverse teams drive innovation and better outcomes. I want to make sure Post creates opportunities for the next generation of engineers from underrepresented groups. We are taking conscious steps to improve like sourcing diverse candidates, providing generous PTO, no leetcode interviews, and more.

Technology Stack

I’m sharing our tech stack with the caveat that we don’t require previous experience in it (but love of typed languages is helpful). TypeScript (frontend & backend), Node.js, Solid.js (Solid Start SSR), Postgres, AWS Serverless Architecture, Redshift, Redis, and Dynamo.


  • Competitive salary and equity.

  • Unlimited PTO with 4 weeks recommended per year.  Expect “Vacation?” in our one-on-one agenda until you start taking it 😅.

  • Remote first. Unlimited coworking passes (e.g. WeWork) as needed. 

  • Top notch health insurance for you and your dependents, plus FSA, DCFSA, HSA, STD, LTD, basic life insurance coverage and free membership access to One Medical. 

Post’s success hinges on us hiring great people and creating an environment where we can be happy, feel challenged, and do our best work. We’re being deliberate about building that environment from the ground up. I hope that excites you enough to apply.

Post provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and abilities.

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