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Plato Systems · Senior Backend Engineer


We're building a platform to empower our customers using Spatial Intelligence. The backend platform is responsible for ingesting sensor and processed data from a distributed fleet of IoT systems installed on customer sites. The multi-dimensional data (video, metadata, audio, telemetry, and more) will be stored, processed, and made available using different APIs on the backend. Analytics will be computed in the backend and exposed via APIs and a web application. The platform needs to scale to support adding more clients and lines of business, and supporting large amounts of processed data.


We're a team of industry veterans joining forces to address the most fundamental problems in machine perception and sensor fusion. We've built a new disruptive Tagless Activity Tracking platform, with roots in academic research, to revolutionize the world of industrial automation. You can find out more about us by visiting our website and our notion page.


We're looking for an experienced Backend developer that would help us build a scalable and production quality back bone for the Plato Spatial Intelligence solution.


- Build and deploy high-performance, highly-available, highly-scalable back end web application data process

- Own the end to end software function of back end services; including deploy, run, provisioning, failovers, testing

- Design, implement, maintain and improve our cloud-based data upload and storage infrastructure (including video and other custom sensor streams)

- Work within the team to design, build, and maintain various backend services to the support platform's goals

- Document the platform and APIs throughout various SW repositories and internal wikis


- The backend developer needs to be proficient with various backend technologies and tool sets

- Build micro services and utilities with NodeJS with Typescript

- Design, build, and document GraphQL APIs - type definitions and resolvers

- Deep knowledge of authoring, building, and deploying containers - Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes

- Integrate with AWS services, in particular: container platforms (ECS/EKS/Fargate), Cognito, Lambda function, ECR, IoT Core (MQTT), networking, IAM policies and permissions, S3 Buckets and events

- Infrastructure as a Code - Terraform

- Best practices for cloud security (including authentication and authorization of backend services and users)

- Experience with NoSQL document databases, MongoDB/DocumentDB (preferred) or Elastic Search

- Usage of caching services - Redis, Memcached, ElastiCache, etc.

- Testing in different levels: unit (jest), integration and end-to-end

- Integrating with observability systems - log aggregation, metrics, and tracing

- Dev Experience tools: eslint, prettier, husky, tilt

- Excellent troubleshooting skills, efficient communication and ability to work independently but cohesively within a team


- Building CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions

- Experience with processing of video files using computerized vision algorithms

- Experience with advanced GraphQL concepts, such as service meshing Python 3.x data science knowledge - Jupyter

- Experience integrating with Datadog APM (Application Performance Monitoring) for logs, metrics and tracing.

- Observability frameworks - Open Telemetry (OTEL), FluentBit.

- Running React/Typescript Web applications

- Developing for Apollo Server or Yoga GraphQL servers

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