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Serverless · Senior Front-End Engineer

About us 

As the cloud grows to become one of the largest industries ever, it’s also evolving.  Its next generation of services is easier, more efficient, and often described as “serverless” because they offer high-level business solutions instead of complex, low-level infrastructure.

It’s inevitable that future applications will be built on these new serverless services.  Our mission is to continue to enable every developer and organization to use them by providing zero-friction serverless application development tools, starting with the Serverless Framework.

This role is for senior front-end engineers contributing to our Serverless Console product. In this role, you can expect to work on modern React applications (hooks, functional components, etc.), featuring charts, lists, architectural diagrams, logging views, all with modern visual design aesthetics. Innovation and optimization will be constant. This is an ideal role for someone who favors working on a diverse scope of functionality, providing product input, and crafting modern and minimalist user interfaces and experiences.

Founded in 2016, Serverless Inc. is a Series B funded start-up, with a fully remote workforce since day one.


  • Extensive experience crafting modern, minimalist, elegant user interfaces and experiences

  • Extensive experience implementing and scaling React applications with hooks, context API, functional components, and CSS-in-JS conventions

  • Extensive experience keeping front-end applications simple, organized, and well-documented

  • Experience working within a distributed team and collaboration in GitHub is a plus

  • Excellent written communication skills

  • Located in North America, South America or Europe

  • Though your working hours are not limited to these hours, you will be available for meetings between the hours of 8:30AM and 2:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, regardless of location

  • You may occasionally be put on call


  • Technical acumen – You have strong front-end experience, particularly with React, and are well-familiar with the modern React/JavaScript ecosystem.

  • You can write high-quality code and iterate on features quickly while understanding and respecting open-source.

  • You are able to test your code when and where necessary, to ensure high quality and continuous delivery.

  • Product sensibility – As an early-stage company, we're most interested in engineers who understand how to craft raw software projects into compelling user-facing products. You should be comfortable taking wireframes from a product team and implementing/designing it in code with attention to detail while being creative enough to think through the problems from the perspective of our users.

  • Clear, enthusiastic communicator – Able to lead and inspire teams, customers, and our general open-source community.

  • Entrepreneurial – Comfortable in a dynamic startup environment where change is constant and you will be largely self-guided.

  • Remote-minded - You will be working and communicating with a remote team in an effective asynchronous way.

Benefits for Full-Time Employees

  • Quality healthcare, dental, and vision plans

  • Domestic partners receive the same benefits that are available to spouses of employees

  • Paid leave for all new parents

  • 401(k) Retirement savings account

  • Our team members can enjoy flexible scheduling

  • Our team is globally distributed, and we work from home 100% time

  • Unlimited time off for our full-time team members

  • Serverless empowers employees to expand their expertise through professional development

Attributes We Seek


Motivated foremost about serverless and making it accessible to all through world-class development tools.


Prioritizes the customer-facing experience above all else.


Unafraid of ambiguity, identifies what matters most and delivers, without waiting or apprehension.

Takes Ownership

Owns the goals, and more importantly, their results.


Doesn’t expect communication to happen but ensures it, with emphasis on excellent written communication.


Treats everyone inside and outside of our organization with dignity, and respects differences in perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

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