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Czech Republic

HTTPie · Senior Frontend Engineer

We’re looking for a talented Frontend Software Engineer to help build high-quality features across HTTPie for Web & Desktop, our docs/website, etc.

What you’ll do

  • Building user-facing features with a focus on top-notch user experience

  • Implementing complex React components with drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

  • Working on a shared React codebase deployed as Next.js and Electron apps

  • Adding real-time collaboration features across the product

  • Improving the application performance through profiling and other methods


  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Electron, RxDB, WebSocket

  • Backend: Python, Terraform, AWS, Amazon Aurora, AWS Lambda, Django

  • Tools: Vercel, GitHub, Linear, Slack, Notion, Figma, JetBrains IDEs

You’ll be a great addition to the team if you have

  • 5 years of software engineering experience

  • Experience with building React single-page apps

  • Solid understanding of HTTP and modern APIs

  • Solid understanding of modern coding, testing, debugging, and automation techniques

  • Passion for developer tools and sense for what makes them amazing

  • Passion for simplicity, delightful user experience, and an eye for design

  • Good sense for when to choose a robust vs. minimal solution to move fast

  • Ability to comfortably navigate the ladder of abstraction

  • Strong communication skills, especially in writing

  • Eagerness to learn and share

Bonus points

  • Experience with TypeScript

  • Experience with building distributed systems

  • Experience building a technology product

  • Early-stage startup experience

  • Open-source development experience

  • History of side projects

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

What we offer

  • Competitive salary and equity

  • MacBook Pro, 5K display, and accessories

  • Company-paid co-working space

  • Work remotely

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