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Invene · Senior React Developer

About Invene:

Invene is a custom software development firm in healthcare, specializing in C#, JavaScript, and Microsoft Azure. Since our founding, we have been a remote-first company and intend to stay that way. We are a small, 15-person company looking to grow our team. Last year we tripled our team-size and this year we’re on track to double.

About the Role:

We are hiring a full-time React Developer to become a core member of Invene’s team. We are a services firm which means you will work on a variety of projects. As such, while this is a full-stack, JavaScript role you might use a variety of languages depending on our active projects. As a full-time employee, you’re eligible for health, dental, and vision benefits. You will also receive a signing stock package and will be eligible for new stock grants every year.

Salary is between 75K to 120K depending on background, experience, and skills.


· Proficient React & TypeScript knowledge

· Strong node.js skills

· Experience with state frameworks like Redux

· Familiarity with ORMs like Sequelize

· Understanding of NoSQL & SQL databases

· Able to quickly learn and pick-up new technologies

· Ability to mentor and teach more junior engineers

· Excellent communication via emails, video conferencing, and instant messages

Bonus Skills

· Experience with other JavaScript frameworks like Vue or Angular

· Background in Microsoft Azure, AWS, or other cloud computing platforms

· Experience with Python

· Experience with C#

· Ability to lead a team

· Background in healthcare technology


· Bill at least 40 hours per week to the client when on active projects

· While on the bench, pick up new skills and certifications

· Show up on-time to every internal and external meeting

· Able to accurately estimate, break down tasks, and hit deadlines within 80% reliability.

· Push feature-focused code (smaller commits are usually better)

· For each major release, create simple release notes on how they work to executive stakeholders

· Write clean code with comments that the average developer can understand

· Create external documentation for system designs, interfaces, and APIs

· Test code on all supported browsers and/or mobile screens as required by the project


· Communication: Clearly communicates over Slack, Email, and over voice. Brings up roadblocks proactively.

· Professionalism: Show consideration of other people’s time and act professionally

· Autonomy: Does not need much guidance to operate and can self-prioritize

· Consistent: Complete what you say you will do, consistently

· Client-facing: Interact with clients, explain their work, and offer suggestions

· Action-oriented: Splits tasks into manageable chunks they can execute

· Focused: Able to execute tasks within the scope of the project

· Adaptive: Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change

· Attention to detail: Grasp nuances and do all the little details, making the project complete

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