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Peel Insights · Senior Software Engineer: Platform

We’re looking for an engineer that is passionate about well-crafted software with a growth mindset and passion for learning, an engineer that would love to tackle Peel's data scaling challenges.

What you'll do

  • Maintains a zero policy for platform errors, proactively discusses and syncs with CS on important issues to act fast and deploy fixes.
  • Strikes for constantly improving and optimizing the platform, plans and recommends important data structure and platform scaling projects.
  • Takes a key important role in the engineering team while we scale our platform to hundreds of clients.
  • Help us build a culture of well-crafted software by mentoring the junior engineers, enriching our code reviews, suggesting design patterns, and looking out for performance improvements.
  • Work closely with the team to deliver features and product updates following our busy roadmap while adapting to the unpredictable constant impacts of customer requests.


  • Be on the Eastern (EST) or at most 3 hours way (PST) since our team is located in NY, Boston, Colorado, Mexico and Costa Rica, and we want as much overlap for working hours as possible.
  • A proven self-learner with an eager curiosity to learn a bit more every day.
  • Takes a proactive stand into improving the quality of our platform and infrastructure, not only successfully making any changes without compromising our quality but as well as going beyond thinking about how our platform scales for the next 500 logos.
  • A master of Python and similar backend languages like Java, Go, Ruby, as well as strong foundations on web frameworks. (Django/ Flask, Spring, RoR).
  • Skillful in designing data models, running data migrations, designing and writing new APIs.
  • Has a strong say about software and infrastructure design, knows how to adapt and create solutions to satisfy project requirements.
  • Has potential to be an engineering leader, it's excited about mentoring junior developers.
  • Ability to communicate efficiently and positively in daily/weekly meetings, and knows the importance of long-term notes through code comments, documentation of architecture and how-tos, and the establishment of processes.
  • Curiosity and some experience with systems relevant to Peel: distributed cloud environments (EC2, serverless, caching, s3, aggregate monitoring/logs, etc.) as well as an understanding of the cost of computing at scale (I/O, CPU, Memory, Docker, time to provisioning, etc.)
  • The ability to think through complex parallel processing given our fully distributed data pipeline.
  • (nice to have) Has some experience doing and running data analyses on Python, using common tools like Pandas, Numpy, or scikit-learn.

What you'll love about us

We are a mighty customer-driven product-focused growing company filled with motivated people that join together from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets to push new ideas and projects to the finish line. We are a fully remote team too!


  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Unlimited vacation and paid company holidays
  • Early stock option grants opportunity
  • Team bonding activities, even in our remote worlds
  • Laptop and other equipment fundamentals; monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • Endless learning opportunities

About Peel

Peel is an automated analytics platform for e-commerce businesses on Shopify. We are a product-first company who believes that the best teams operate when they are informed by data - lots of it, so we are creating a more efficient, extensive, affordable way for companies to do it.

We are a fully remote product-driven team reinventing the way eCommerce teams access and comprehend data analysis and are working to fulfill our vision to make data simple, reliable, and visually intuitive for everyone.

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