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Functionly · Senior Technical Software Engineer

Company Description

Functionly is on a mission to make org design more accessible for every leader. We build product-led B2B SaaS software for leaders to easily capture the present, plan the future and securely collaborate on their organization structure. We’re on the lookout for a Senior/Lead Technical Engineer to join our tight-knit remote team on a full-time permanent or long-term contract basis

Job Description

As the senior member of the engineering team you will work collaboratively with the rest of Functionly team to shape the overarching technical direction of the product's engineering architecture, data security, and infrastructure performance.

You will work collaboratively, and asynchronously and enjoy navigating the remote work environment with ease and impact. You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and know how to challenge and advocate respectfully. Functionly is a well-funded seed stage startup, with the opportunity to have an experienced team member join and leverage their speed and skills to have a multiplier effect on the business and level-up the team.


  • Collaboratively lead architecture and infrastructure decision-making

  • Owning the technical design and development of solutions with respect to building to SOC2, ISO 27001 and/or GDPR standards

  • Identify technical problems with requirements and lead the development and deployment of scalable long-term solutions in one or more technical domains

  • Participate extensively in mentoring mid and junior-level engineers via code reviews and pairing, as well as frequently presenting at team meetings

  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing and contribute to shaping the coding standards of the team


  • Typescript, Nodejs, Graphql, Expressjs, Postgres

  • React, Vue, or Svelte (preferred), with a desire to learn Svelte & SvelteKit

  • Comfortable working and collaborating in a fully remote environment

  • Requires very little oversight beyond high-level direction and can deliver consistently high-quality code

  • Technical leadership and project management in one or more Engineering domains.

  • Hold a depth of knowledge in systems that enables them to debug those systems effectively without issues

  • Have acquired at least one major skill outside of core codings such as monitoring, documentation, integration testing, visual design, and performance optimization

Additional Information

What’s on offer

  • Startup contract rates (with equity options for long-term roles)
  • Flexible work hours, with an expectation to be at minimal team meetings per week that are chosen based on the time zones of all participants
  • VC-backed growing, global B2B start-up

About Functionly

We’re a hard-working remote team of “athletes” that likes to have fun. We have a yearly on-site (different locations around the world) where we plan strategy together, play games and enjoy what the local area has to offer. If you’ve got a side gig or an idea that you’re not quite ready to work on, you can learn as you earn with us.

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