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Recruitment LatAm · Tech Lead\Senior Python

We are looking for a software engineer with +5 years of experience in:

Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with data engineering and front-end teams to create and deploy GraphQL and RESTful APIs on AWS.

Identify, design, and implement internal  process improvements: automating a manual process, optimizing data delivery, re-designing infrastructure  for greater scalability

Diagnose, triage, and resolve defects in the APIS and data pipelines

Coordinate with product management to estimate, refine, and plan the product roadmap, for upcoming features and functionality.

Help improve the overall quality of our company's software.

Assess and implement new technologies and process

  • Python
  • GrapQL
  • AWS (Cognito, Lambda, S3, SQS, CloudWacth, Cloudfront, DynamoDB, RDS)
  • Continuos integrations 
  • SQL
  • RESTFul APIs
  • Professional English

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