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Halo · Video & Networking Software Engineer

Halo is an autonomous vehicle company based right here in Las Vegas, with an industry-leading robotics team from Uber, Opendoor, Proterra, Joby and others. We are designing an AV system that will deploy quickly and efficiently in urban environments. We are a small, tight-knit team of engineers and we’re looking to bring on another person who recognizes that collaboration is key to our success.

Incorporating systems engineering approaches from day 1, we aim to be fast and safe with an innovative approach to deployment that will see a profitable product on the road this year. This is no small feat, and we’re looking for the best minds to come work with us.

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In This Role You Will:

  • Lead our video streaming and network stack - a critical link in the Halo drive system
  • Ensure our remote pilots have the most stable, clear, and secure connection with our vehicle - all with a focus on safety
  • Construct feedback loops that control the car and capture live feeds from our drivers, the system, and the real world
  • Lead networking qualifications and roadmapping as we develop our next generation hardware stack
  • Work closely with software, embedded, and hardware engineering, as well as data science.


  • Deep understanding of video streaming. A plus if video streaming experience in a low latency environment
  • Experience with networking and building systems that adapt to rapid changes in your environment
  • A plus if you have experience with the following technologies ROS, Gstreamer, OpenGL, and WebRTC
  • Comfortable working with many software languages: including C++, Rust, Typescript, and Python

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