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Quantum Brilliance · VP of Software Engineering

About Us

Quantum Brilliance is the world leader in room-temperature quantum computing using synthetic diamonds. Our unique vision is to make quantum computing available as an everyday technology, from data centers to remote and mobile systems like autonomous robots and satellites. In contrast to quantum computers that fill a room, we are developing quantum accelerators with more compute power than a classical supercomputer but a form-factor smaller than a lunchbox.

Founded in 2019 by leaders in diamond quantum science from the Australian National University, we are an Australian-German full-stack quantum computing company with HQs in Canberra and Stuttgart and additional locations across Australia and southern Germany. We are working with global technology leaders to develop quantum computing applications, integrate quantum with high-performance computing, solve materials science challenges and develop ultra-precise semiconductor manufacturing and control techniques. We are backed by leading venture-capital funds and major research and technology institutes.

The Mission

You will lead our global software and applications division with a clear vision and strategy for capturing maximum value in the quantum computing software stack and application domains. Ideally, we are looking for this role to be located in either of our Canberra or Sydney locations but the role can be, in principle, be a remote hire with an expectation of regular travel. For reference, our software team is located across multiple locations in Australia & Germany. We would also be open to supporting relocation and visa sponsorship processes for overseas candidates. 

About the Role 

  • The invention and development of Quantum Brilliance's software stack, including new quantum computing architectures and methods, such as those that support massively-parallelised, distributed and edge computing 
  • The discovery, development, demonstration and benchmarking (of Quantum Utility) of high-value quantum computing applications that leverage the distinct strengths of Quantum Brilliance's quantum accelerator hardware 
  • The rapid growth of an ecosystem of partners, developers and users who are engaged in Quantum Brilliance's distinct quantum computing applications and architectures. 
  • Quantum Brilliance's strategy for capturing value in the quantum computing software stack and application domains. 

Your role will pursue the above in the context of...

  • You will be leading, hiring and mentoring the team to perform at their best. The team is comprised of software developers and scientists with expertise in advanced computing applications, quantum algorithms and methods, quantum computing operating systems and architectures, and quantum computing backends. 
  • Collaborating with other Heads of divisions and potentially, a QB Fellow. The QB Fellow will be a distinguished quantum computing scientist who will provide deep technical advice to the Head of Software and Applications.  
  • Directly reporting to the Chief Scientific Officer and, as required, communicating with other executives and the board. 

About You

  • Extensive leadership and management experience in the classical advanced computing industry: identifying, architecting, developing and delivering advanced computing solutions to industry and growing user communities. 
  • A clear vision and strategy for capturing maximum value in the quantum computing software stack and application domains.  
  • A basic understanding of quantum computing theory and methods, with a particular emphasis on the limitation, constraints and other considerations that characterise applications where quantum computers will most likely deliver advantage over classical computers
  • Suited to work in a fast-growing startup: self-motivated, humble, driven, collaborative, and having a high tolerance for navigating ambiguity and uncertainty.

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