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Can't make it to the big conferences In Paris, London, or San Francisco? we get it! We've all got local bars to keep up appearances at, bike races to train for, and pet turtles don't feed themselves!

Grab these mini conference talks, and watch then whenever you fancy.

A slide from one of Phil's many talks over the years
A slide from one of Phil's many talks over the years

Taking A Break From Dodgy Dependencies

Is your architecture an octopus orgy of unstable systems, where one domino can fall and knock over everything else? This talk looks at timeouts, retries and circuit breakers, to add control to the chaos.

HTTP Caching

Mini conference talk covering HTTP caching, mostly caching client responses via HTTP middleware to skip making requests the client already has fresh answers to, then using conditional validation to check if things have changed.

Conditional validation is one of the least understood but most powerful features for HTTP, but it's simple when you get the hang of it!

Make your applications quicker, save mangling application servers when you don't need to, and we'll even throw in some hints towards network caching to really help iron out stampeding herds.

A No Nonsense GraphQL And REST Comparison

Folks who don't understand what REST and HATEOAS mean keep acting like GraphQL is somehow a replacement. It is amazing, and I'll explain why, but they're two different things, used for different things!

Automating API Style Guides

API Governance and API Design Reviews are a hot topic over the last few years, but it's been an incredibly manual process until now.

Tools like Spectral give governance teams the ability to write API style guides in a format more useful than a Word document or Wiki entry, and mean API designers get feedback early: speeding up design reviews, governance, and making your APIs more consistent!

APIs You Won't Hate

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