Surviving Other People's APIs

Designing the worlds most beautiful API is only half the story, somebody needs to interact with it!

API Developers focus so much on designing and building their APIs, yet often we seem to forget the folks on the other end of the line. You, the frontend and backend developers trying to integrate our data and functionality into your own work, often get left with junky docs, or are just assumed to know how things are going to work.

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Build APIs You Won't Hate

Everyone and their dog wants an API, so you should probably learn how to build them.

Tasked with building an API for your company but don't have a clue where to start? Taken over an existing API and hate it? Built your own API and still hate it? This book is for you.

This book has been up on the LeanPub top 10 for most of its lifetime, and was #5 Best Selling Book of 2015, so it can't be too bad.

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About This Community

API development is a topic very close to Phils heart. APIs You Won't Hate started out as a book, with Phil pouring everything API related he knew, all the problems he faced, all the design decisions he wish he thought about earlier.

Since the book, Phil has continued to learn and grow, thanks to new experiences, and new conversations with really smart people. Learning never stops, and the Slack channel that grew from the book subscribers and their friends has become home to the largest API chat group on the internet.

APIs You Won't Hate is dedicated to learning, writing, sharing ideas and bettering understanding of API practices. Together we can erradicate APIs we hate.

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About Phil Sturgeon

Over the last five years I've worked as a freelancer, consultant, Head of API, and CTO, for several API-centric technology startups. The most recent, Ride, has given me the chance to work with several amazing developers, including several Rails API contributors. Ride let me share our API experiences at conferences world-wide, which is an amazing opportunity to educate others on a topic I'm incredibly passionate about.

Spending that much time building APIs means I have a long list of ways to make them not suck, and I would like to that with you lot. The book covers everything learned from years of doing this day in day out, and it tries to keep it light and breezy: through what could otherwise be some rather dull topics.

For more about APIs, you can check out my blog, and specifically the #api tag.