AI is Coming For Your Job

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AI is Coming For Your Job

At this point, I am starting to get a little sick of all the AI content in my feeds. From people telling me my job is obsolete to telling me I need to adopt these tools immediately.

I always start as skeptical of new technology due to the harm our industry tends to cause. I am excited about some things we can do with AI, but I am already sick of the constant tidal wave of nonsense that comes with the hype.

I found this to be a measured response regarding everyone telling me my job is over. Not strictly API related, but a good read, especially with all this AI panic: The End of Front-End Development.


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AI-Powered API Docs

Stripe is adding OpenAPI GTP-4 to their products. I am excited about training the AI with API docs and commonly asked questions. You can ask it questions about the docs, helping you learn the API docs and build solutions faster.

Low Code APIs

Build an API with Postman Flows. Represent your API with a visual canvas showing connections and triggers. Not going to be for all use cases, but an exciting approach to building an API.

Designing APIs for humans: Error messages

After reading this article about Go's error handling as a form of storytelling, it jogged my memory on a tweet from Phil about silly API errors. Paul Asjes from Stripe walks us through creating human-readable API errors and why they're essential.

AWS Lambda response streaming

For those of us who have been building serverless APIs using AWS Lambda, they finally dropped response streaming. A lot of us have been waiting a long time for this feature. Providers like Vercel resorted to writing their own streaming response on top of AWS Lambda's as the feature was missing.

Load Balancing

Hands down the best post I have ever read on Load Balancing. It covers how it works, tradeoffs with different algorithms and includes visual aids. The author Sam Rose has put a lot of effort into this post, which shows.

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📖 Surviving Other People's APIs

Phil and Mike have been working hard on the next book, "Surviving Other People's APIs", and it's close to being done. They would love your feedback. Pre-order now and email us your feedback or message in our Slack community. Phil's writing style and no-nonsense attitude from his first book are why I am here. So definitely getting this one too.

🎙️APIs You Won't Hate (the podcast)

Since the last newsletter, Mike and Phil have been busy cranking out a few podcast episodes:

Turn HTTP Traffic into OpenAPI with Optic

I am starting to think Phil must have a twin or a clone. While saving the planet and planting more trees than any man alive, he found time to review Optic. Learn how to get your API documented in ten minutes. Phil tests the tool documenting the Mastodon API.

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