Security Matters

Companies all over the world have been making the news lately because of security breaches. It's a reality of building software, and we can learn a lot from other teams' experiences.

Security Matters

Let's take a break from the usual discourse that pops up on Twitter to talk about security and privacy. We recently had several significant data breaches in Australia. One, in particular, allowed data from more than 11 million customers to be stolen. The culprit an unauthorized and public API endpoint. Seriously what were they thinking?

So why am I bringing this up? Security often gets missed, or your manager cares more about pushing a feature and thinks security is something you can add later. Security and privacy should be woven into the planning, design and development process. We should care about data breaches affecting our customers. It's much easier for people in tech to protect themselves when their data is stolen than for everyday people. Let's put our end users first.

Hopefully, the security-focused round-up helps.


Monthly API Round-Up

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What is API security?

Cloudflare gives us an overview of API security, some common security risks, and how these are exploited.

OWASP API Security Top 10 2023

A top ten list of security threats for APIs, including example attack scenarios. The 2023 list by OWASP is still in draft, and a request for comments is open, meaning there is still time to give your feedback.

Best Practices for Protecting APIs

NGINX covers some best practices for protecting your APIs and a short intro into API security. I like how this article covers the differences in threats between SOAP, REST and GraphQL APIS.

Container Security

Many APIs are built and deployed as containers, so securing them is essential. I try to avoid using blog posts from a company selling you a tool/service, but Snyk is a great tool, and this post covers the basics nicely.

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Permissions are the gift that keep on giving, with Or Weis from

On this episode of APIs You Won't Hate (the podcast), Or Weis from talks to mike about permissions, authentication, authorization, and the challenges facing developers building out products for real people. There is a lot to learn, and getting permissions right is critical to building great products.

Securing APIs with the Spectral OWASP Ruleset

Our writeup on using Spectral to create rules to help prevent the top 10 biggest security threats as found by the OWASP API Security Project

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