Smartbear Acquires Stoplight

Smartbear Welcomes Stoplight: What This Big Move Means for Your Favorite API Tools!

Smartbear Acquires Stoplight
Existenital-dread inducing bear courtesy of the robots powering Dall-E.

Huge news this month as we learn Smartbear, the company behind tools such as SwaggerHub, will be acquiring Stoplight. Stoplight has been my go-to tool for documenting APIs and is integral to my API design first approach. I am curious about what this acquisition will mean for Stoplight and Smartbear. There are many reasons for this deal to happen, from growing API tooling together to potentially killing a competitor.

The acquisition proposes a few opportunities if you read the rumor mill thread in our Slack channel. Smartbear now has an integration into Postman through Stoplight. Smartbear has never had API rulesets or style guides. There is an option here to replace SwaggerUI with elements. Looking at other deals like this, I see the main reasons for the acquisition will be so the investors can get a return. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but that is how VC-backed companies work. The return for VCs will come first over any better API tooling. Stoplight and its board have a fiduciary duty to their investors. Fingers crossed for an explosion of growth in API tooling.


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Smartbear Acquires Stoplight

If you want a more upbeat overview of the acquisition than my dark intro 😂 you can find a more upbeat overview on the Stoplight blog.

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