The Bun is out of the Oven

A spotlight on the emerging Bun runtime for JavaScript, its comparison with Node, and new tools like Elysia and Nitro.

The Bun is out of the Oven

Wow, what a week. I don't know about you, but I spent most of it updating all my Node APIs to use Bun 😉. Bun is a new runtime for JavaScript, which just hit version 1.0. It's much faster than Node, and it's been interesting seeing all the comments and drama about this newcomer unfold. The advancements and simplicities Bun has made make me excited for JS's future on the server. Many APIs are built using Node, so I have included some balanced thoughts on Bun vs. Node and some new Bun tools for API development.

I'm glad we finally made development in JavaScript easier by having three runtimes: NodeJS, Deno and Bun.


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NodeJS Performance

Matteo Collina, author of Fastify and Pino, shares his thoughts on Bun and his reflections on the overall performance of NodeJS. Matteo's response is balanced and points to some of the issues in comparing speed between Bun and Node.

Fast and Friendly Bun Web Framework

If you want to try out Bun for building your next API but are worried about compatibility with your favorite NodeJs framework, check out Elysia. Made for Bun, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues and with a focus on developer productivity.


Forgive the JavaScript-heavy issue this week, but so much is happening in the space right now. If you are looking for an excellent tool for deploying and rapidly scaling a TypeScript server, then maybe it is time to give Nitro a go.

Zod OpenAPI Hono

You may have seen my mention of Hono a few weeks ago; they now have an OpenAPI plugin via Zod. You can validate your values and types using Zod and then use this to generate OpenAPI Swagger documentation.

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Automating API Delivery

I can't believe I missed this, but Ikenna Nwaiwu from our community shared his latest book, which is now in early access. "Automating API Delivery" outlines the APIOps approach to streamline API development and governance through DevOps automation, ensuring faster and consistent results.