We Build Better Together 🏳️‍🌈

Happy pride month. Computer Science, APIs, and our community wouldn't be the same without the broad diversity of members who belong here. APIs You Won't Hate proudly supports the LBGTQIA+ community.

We Build Better Together 🏳️‍🌈
Photo by James A. Molnar on Unsplash

Happy Pride Month. With all the recent attacks on the LGBTQ community, we think it's worth a reminder that we build better things together. Accepting people for who they are shouldn't be something that is debated. The LGBTQ community has contributed to programming from its inception. Alan Turning, solving Enigma and helping shorten WWII. Sophie Wilson helped design the architecture behind ARM processors and the BBC Micro. There are more people than we can fit in an email, and we recommend reading about some more here.

The point is the world would not be as unique, bright, or interesting without people from the LGBTQ community. To our LGBTQ readers, keep being you, adding colour to the world. Please know the APIs You Won't Hate team loves having you here. 🫶

Phil, Mike, and Alexander

Monthly API Round-Up

Our monthly round-up of articles, news and updates from the web.

Build an API with Deno, Deno Deploy and DenoKV

Deno has come a long way since its first release. If you dismissed Deno at first, it might be worth another look with the release of DenoKV, a database built right into the runtime. This tutorial will show you how simple it is to use DenoKV by making a CRUD API.

REST APIs Must Be Hyper-Text Driven

The author of htmx covers the history of RESTish APIs and what the term has come to mean. I had a good laugh after reading this, as it highlights two key points. REST is used to describe any JSON API, and as a whole, the industry has given up on hypermedia controls.

State of Edge Functions

Edge functions are here to stay and have uses for both backend and frontend development. You may not think there for building APIs, but there is still a lot of thought to be given about edge optimizing specific routes with API Gateways. You could even move certain APIs entirely to the edge. Deno shares their results after surveying developers on the current and future of the edge.

The Next Generation of Serverless

Serverless is evolving. Tools like Cloudflare, Deno and Vercel offer serverless compute without cold starts. Matt Butcher talks us through what serverless is, the evolution of the cloud and the lineage from PHP. Worth a read.

Migrating from Supabase

Val Town, a service for running, deploying and sharing JavaScript snippets, shares their journey of migrating from Supabase. Let's steer clear of being dogmatic here. Supabase is an excellent product for building your backend; however, it did not scale for Val Town. Their post breaks down database issues, migration and ensuring uptime.

APIs You Won't Hate

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Rich Data For Everyone on Earth

On this episode, Mike and Phil chat with Ed Freyfogle from OpenCage about their API Client libraries for Geocoding, reverse geocoding, and the infrastructure required to keep accurate data points for every location on Earth.

From Our Community

Articles written and shared in our free Slack community.

Tips For Better Documentation with OpenAPI

Lorna Mitchell shares her top tips for creating better documentation with OpenAPI. The best APIs have the best docs and should be a joy to read, making Lorna's tips worth reading.

Composing API Models with JSON Schema

David Biesack has been writing a series on why API design matters. In this issue, he talks about further modelling for requests and responses with JSON Schema. Don't worry if you feel lost jumping into the middle of the series; there is a link to the start in the first paragraph.