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Developing platforms for developers - Harsha Reddy from Wayfair

Today at 12:40 PM0:44
Harsha Reddy, a Senior Software Engineer on Internal API Platforms for Wayfair, joins Matt and Phil to talk about what its like to build tools for developers that use a myriad of languages from PHP to C# to Python and some Java thrown in for a good time. We discuss how Wayfair empowers their developers to pick the right language for a job and then what kind of tools they employ to make their day to day lives at Wayfair easier.

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Stoplight and Developer Mental Health

Phil, Mike and Matt get together before Phil leaves the UK in search of roads he can bike on. We talk about what is coming up for new Stoplight releases and then we take a sharp pivot to talk about mental health and how it affects Matt and what he is doing to take care of himself. 


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Maybe GraphQL isn't so terrible? A conversation with Marc-Andre Giroux

A quick note before we get started: We recorded this episode back in April of 2020 when everyone was quarantining and making bread to post on instagram. Fast forward to now, in June, American cities, and cities around the world are joining in, protesting the systemic racism that has long been an issue in our societies. While our energy and focus turned to current events, editing this episode took a seat on the backburner. That said, we have it ready… but it couldn’t be released at a worse time. Three white dudes talking about APIs while our friends in other communities are fighting injustices that have long kept them down seems to be a bit tone deaf, and we know that, recognize that and commit ourselves to being involved. There are a lot of conversations we want to have around this topic both in the API world, and outside of it. We don’t want this episode to take away from the discussions going on around such important and heavy topics, but we hope this can serve as a way for you to take a break while you travel to and from a protest. If you are going to protest please be safe, drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated in the heat and know that things are changing for the better. To all the Black API developers out there: we see you, we're fighting with you, and we want you to know that we're listening.  From all of us at APIs You Won't Hate: Black lives matter.

Recorded back in April, Matt and Phil are joined by Marc-Andre Giroux to talk about the APIs he works on at Github and his fascination of GraphQL. Marc-Andre recently released a book titled "Production Ready GraphQL" where he talks about schema design, tooling, architecture and more. We take a dive into knowing when GraphQL is the right tool for the job, versus when to use REST and talk a little about the whole quarantine thing that was happening.

Book: Production Ready GraphQL
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The API Handyman Cometh

Phil and Matt, both in a loose definition of isolation, find time to talk to Arnaud Lauret ( and talk about API Design and Review. We discuss why you should spend time designing and reviewing your API and the process of reviewing API Designs before the code is written. We also ask Arnaud what he looks for while reviewing, the tools he uses to review API design docs and then Phil starts dreaming up what the ideal API Review tooling looks like.

We also talk about life in quarantine, as France completely shut down and how Phil made it back in time to England before the lock downs took place.

Links: - Thank you so much for sponsoring us! - Arnaud's Twitter - The Design of Web APIs by Arnaud Lauret - The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman - Arnaud's blog - API Stylebook, a collection of API style guides

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200 OK Boomer

Phil, Mike and Matt talk about Matt's adventures with APIs returning 200 OK while having an error message in the body, causing extra work and frustration. We look at why this is a common thing in API development and what we can do to help people utilize the codes that are there instead of relying on 200 OK.

Mike brings up Microsoft and what they are doing with their push to not only go Carbon Neutral but also Carbon Negative to make up for their past. We wonder what that will look like, and also bring up what an individual person with a developers salary can do to start helping out more since we (developers) can generally afford it over a lot of other people.

Keeping on the environment, we also take look at some things a developer can do with code to help the environment, particularly around caching and responses.

Huge thank you to for sponsoring our podcast! Check them out if you are doing any kind of API development, the tools that the Stoplight developers create kick ass. 


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Ask Us Anything!

A while ago, we put out a call to Twitter to invite listeners to send us their questions and we would answer them. We received 4 really good questions, covering topics like supporting content negotiation, how to craft and and define an SLA for your API, why companies seem to disregard standards when it comes to their API SDKs and should you version hypermedia.

Huge thank you to our sponsor for helping make this possible. 

Matt, Mike and Phil. 

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GraphQL Monitoring and how to travel via Train


This episode is brought to you by (! Check out Studio today if you are creating an API with the OpenAPI Specification.

In this episode, Phil talks about how his trip across the United States via train went. We also talk about how to monitor APIs and what is the best APM solution for monitoring GraphQL endpoints. We also talk about the progress being made by the Stoplight team with both their tooling around Async APIs and also work being done on Studio. 


Article: GraphQL Performance Monitoring Is Hard

Why GraphQL Performance Monitoring is hard

Phil's repo of companies working to help save the earth

Awesome Earth

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New OSS Open API Tooling Abound!

Last time on APIs You Won't Hate, we laid the ground work for this podcast. This time (after a failed attempt when Phil didn't press record) Mike, Phil, and Matt talk about whats new with Stoplight, how front end developers like Mike can use the Stoplight suite of OSS products to make Front End Development better, and where they are with the books!

Huge thanks to Stoplight for sponsoring this episode! If you are looking to make your API workflow better, check them out for tools ranging from API description linting with Spectral, to API mocking with Prism, and the freshly released, free, OpenAPI-based visual editor Stoplight Studio!

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APIs and Bikes Go Together Great

Welcome to our new podcast! Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon), Mike Bifulco (@irreverentmike) and Matt Trask (@matthewtrask) get started with the first episode where we talk about bikes, APIs and our goal for the podcast. We break down Phil's adventures in Europe, how his new books are going with the help of Mike, and some other nonsense. 

Find us in the APIs You Wont Hate slack for questions, help, mentoring or other things!

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