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Episode 2: New OSS Open API Tooling Abound!


Last time on APIs You Won't Hate, we laid the ground work for this podcast. This time (after a failed attempt when Phil didn't press record) Mike, Phil, and Matt talk about whats new with, how front end developers like Mike can use the Stoplight suite of OSS products to make Front End Development better, and where they are with the books!



Huge thank you to for sponsoring this episode! If you are looking to make your API workflow better, check them out for tools ranging from linting (Spectral) to mocking (Prism) to their new release Studio!

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APIs You Won\'t Hate cover
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Episode 1: APIs and Bikes Go Together Great


Welcome to our new podcast! Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon), Mike Bifulco (@irreverentmike) and Matt Trask (@matthewtrask) get started with the first episode where we talk about bikes, APIs and our goal for the podcast. We break down Phil's adventures in Europe, how his new books are going with the help of Mike, and some other nonsense. 

Find us in the APIs You Wont Hate slack for questions, help, mentoring or other things!

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