AI APIs: is this the End of Coding?

AI Powered API tools, a podcast interview with James Perkins from Unkey, Express V5, Node 22.1, reverse engineering Electron Apps, and a language that compiles to Golang

AI APIs: is this the End of Coding?

Over the past year, we've witnessed a surge in AI tools, particularly in applications built around ChatGPT.

Most of these wrappers of ChatGPT don't stand up to the wonderous things we are told we can do; however, there are plenty of AI-powered API tools I use today to increase my own output.

Amidst the hype, concerns about AI replacing software engineers have surfaced. For a balanced perspective that cuts through the market speel, check out this article from The Pragmatic Engineer.

-- Alexander

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NotificationAPI - Add Notifications to any software in 5 minutes

(Sponsored) All-in-one user notification system for B2B SaaS products. Design, send, and monitor product notifications from one place with a powerful editor and API.

Describe API's

Generate OpenAPI spec and JSON Schema with TypeSpec, inspired by TypeScript. This interesting library helps you maintain type consistency with one source of truth. Its validation annotations remind me of Spring Boot. It's worth checking out.

RESTful Web Services and HTTP: Standards and Sources

Scrolling through Twitter the other day, I finally got a decent recommendation (rather than the usual nonsense I have no interest in), a compilation of Restful API resources. The site has it all: semantics, defining resources, headers, and more. It's a great webpage to keep in your back pocket.

Traefik 3.0 Has Landed

Traefik is a tool for running APIs anywhere, and version three has just been released. The new version is a huge step forward for Traefix, adding support for WASM, OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes Gateway API, and SPIFFE. The intro blog to version three comes with a handy migration guide.

Express V5

I have mentioned this before, but Express is waking up from the dead. I wonder if the advancements by Deno, Bun, Hono and others have caused a stir in the ecosystem, pushing things forward. I hope this push does not fizzle out; so many projects are so deep into Express that migration away from it would be hard. Version five and its updates are desperately needed; we are now on the final push.

Node 22.1

Hot on the tails of Node 22 comes 22.1. If you are not up to speed with what's in Node 22, check out this fantastic video overview by Matteo Collina.

Rusty Go

A new programming language that compiles to Go? It's not something I have on my wishlist, but it caught my eye, and I could not help playing around with it. Borgo is supposed to be halfway between Go and Rust, whatever that means, lol. Hacker News did seem very excited about it.

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🎙️ Unkey: Globally Distributed API key generation, with cofounder James Perkins

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Reverse Engineering Electron Apps to Discover APIs

Dana is off on another learning adventure, this time reversing engineering an Electron app to see what APIs it uses. As always, Dana's itch for learning leads to a great read.

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