What Not to Do in API Versioning

Dive into API versioning with expert insights from Phil Sturgeon. Uncover common missteps and get guidance to enhance your versioning strategy.

What Not to Do in API Versioning

Dive into the realm of API versioning with this month's newsletter. As APIs evolve, the necessity for a sound versioning strategy emerges, though the journey isn't without its challenges. Our expert, Phil, generously shares his insights on this issue—when he's not planting trees, he's nurturing our API knowledge.

The articles below cover common missteps in versioning and offer guidance to navigate through them. While Phil sets the versioning stage, I included additional articles to build on and refresh some of the concepts introduced in his initial post. Hopefully, versioning won't be an issue for any of you after you finish reading the articles.


Monthly API Round-Up

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My Version of API Versioning is Better than Most 

Phil discusses the hurdles of API versioning and advocates for upfront API design to reduce early version rollouts. He suggests using OpenAPI to engage potential consumers in the design process, thus minimizing the need for multiple version updates and saving time and resources for both developers and consumers.

API-First, API Design-First, or Code-First

Phil's versioning article raises approaches to developing APIs and how an improved design process can fix many of the issues we face when creating them. Stoplight talks us through the different approaches to building an API in case you need a refresher.

Deprecating API Endpoints

Continuing with themes raised in Phil's versioning blog post, let's look closer at deprecating endpoints in an API. Leaning on Stoplight's catalogue of excellent API resources, let's take a closer look at how we can use OpenAPI and HTTP headers, among other things, to achieve this. It's no surprise that Phil also wrote this blog.

API Evolution for REST/HTTP APIs

We have struck hard in this issue on the need to avoid versioning and that there are better approaches to changing your API. If this has left you with more questions than answers, luckily, we have another blog from Phil in our archives. Phil talks us through the evolution of an API and how to add changes without causing pain for your end users.

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest from the team at API's You Won't Hate.

Should an API use Semantic Versioning?

Phil put together a great post on how versioning numbers should work in your API. While this week's content has focused on moving you away from versioning, that is not always possible. Learn why major versioning is the best approach.

From Our Community

Articles written and shared in our free Slack community.

Finding Hidden API Endpoints

Dana Epp discusses enhancing API security by identifying hidden endpoints through path prediction. By understanding standard API design conventions and exploiting them, security researchers can predict obscured endpoints, aiding penetration testing and security auditing. Dana is constantly sharing incredible blogs in our Slack group. Thank you, Dana.

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