Back and Better than Ever: APIs You Won't Hate (the newsletter)

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Back and Better than Ever: APIs You Won't Hate (the newsletter)
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APIs You Won't Hate is back with a new monthly newsletter. We'll share news, updates, and more on all things APIs. Along with some of our favorite articles and resources from the past month.

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Now, into the good stuff. My socials for the past month were a stream of AI hype and the JavaScript debate about signals. Whatever they are, at this point, I am afraid to ask. However, there has been so much excellent API content floating around. Don't worry if you missed it; that is what newsletters are for, keeping you updated.

I hope you enjoy this week's issue.

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News from the API dev world

JSON Schema: Another Breaking Change

The well-loved JSON Schema has introduced a breaking change to their next release as they move towards a stable specification. Sometimes you have to break things to improve them, and that's ok.

Build as a monolith and deploy as microservices

Google released a new open-source framework for building distributed applications called Service Weaver. The cool part is you can make it as a monolith and then deploy it as microservices. Service Weaver also helps with service-to-service communication complexities so you can focus on creating business logic, not networking. We can save the conversation about whether microservices are good for another time 😉.

Design and Build Great Web APIs

I would be amiss if I didn't include this book in this week's newsletter. I have been reading this book, and it is fantastic. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to design and build APIs. Mike Amundsen's books are pure gold; he knows his stuff.

OpenAPI Tooling Registry

The OpenAPI initiative has put together a registry of tools that support OpenAPI. This registry covers everything from parsers to SDKs, gateways and more.

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest content from the team at API's You Won't Hate

📗 Surviving Other People's Web APIs

The latest APIs You Won't Hate book is coming along nicely! After a few years in hiatus, the book is getting an update – including 5 completely rewritten chapters and a new section on async APIs by Mike. Preorders now help support the continued development of the book and everything else we do on the site.

📐 Securing APIs with the Spectral OWASP Ruleset

Seriously – how does Phil find time to write with all the tree planting he does? Learn how to find security flaws in your API by enforcing style guides on your docs or running Jest tests.

🎙 ️A fresh episode of the APIs You Won't Hate Podcast

In this episode, Mike Bifulco chats with Anton Zagrebelny from Stigg. Mike and Anton cover pricing strategy for SaaS and pricing as infrastructure with Stigg.

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