Death By Google

A great mix of stories in this issue of the newsletter. Google kills Google Domains, Swift drops an OpenAPI generator, and when should you use Hypermedia?

Death By Google

Google Domains is dead. Utterly confused at Google's decision to kill something that is an on-ramp for Google Cloud. The domains currently being managed by Google will be sold to Squarespace.

No shade at Squarespace here – it's a great tool if you want a website up and running in seconds. But seriously, Squarespace? I am left confused by this decision. As I write this, it's been two weeks since the announcement, and customers have still not been notified.

At this point, we can safely say that you can no longer trust Google not to kill something you might consider a vital service. I guess it is hard to keep products alive when they don't produce the insane levels of profits that search/ads do. All I will say is if you're running something in Google Cloud, beware. If you want more details, The Pragmatic Engineer covers the whole story.

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Goodbye Kelsey Hightower

If you don't know who Kelsey is, imagine the kindest, most caring and most supportive person working in the cloud, and then somehow watch him blast past those expectations. Kelsey announced his retirement from Google, even getting a farewell tweet from the Google CEO himself. I mention Kelsey because he is an example we should all follow for being a supportive and innovative person in the tech community.

Smart Placements

With edge computing options becoming more widely available in tech stacks and cloud providers, placements of compute vs data become a more significant issue. When moving API endpoints and other code to edge functions, people can forget the added delay when DB calls are made. Cloudflare is taking this issue off your plate. Using their new feature, Smart Placements lets them make network decisions for you so you can focus on shipping features.

Swift OpenAPI Generator

A Swift plugin that generates client-side code to make HTTP calls when fed an OpenAPI document. The plugin doesn't stop there, though. You can also get it to create server-side code to handle the calls. Swift is not just for developing apps for Apple products; you can also build servers with Swift. The project is in active development but open-sourced now so the community can get involved and give feedback.

Database On The Edge With DenoKV

Recently Deno dropped a key-value database built right into the runtime called DenoKV. The database can store any JS value, is built on top of foundation DB and has different consistency read levels to handle running on the edge. See what all the fuss is about and how easy it is to use with this tutorial. You spin up a simple CRUD API, which can also be deployed with Deno Deploy in a few clicks.

When Should You Use Hypermedia?

I am unsure if I like htmx or the constant funny memes the Twitter account posts. Either way, htmx keeps dropping some solid gold advice. This blog post covers some background on Hypermedia, when it's a good fit and when it's not. Hypermedia can do much more than people think and is an underused tool.

APIs You Won't Hate

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Unlimited API Support From Phil Sturgeon

Phil is now offering a special one-time deal where you can get unlimited API support for six months for only €1000. If you are building or maintaining an API, Phil is your go-to guy for help and advice. Act fast, as there are only six spots available.

How to Capture Quite a Lot of API Traffic

Need to re-write an API but don't want to break anything? In this article, Phil talks about using Optic to capture HTTP traffic to create an OpenAPI to work against. You can then use contract testing as the new API is built to pick up mismatches.

Creating world-class API devX with Sagar Batchu from Speakeasy

On this episode of APIs You Won't Hate (the podcast), Sagar Batchu from shares his insights on helping devs live the dream of building APIs that have world-class developer experience.

From Our Community

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Markdown Changelog from OpenAPI Git History

Aidan Cunniffe showed off a new feature from Optic, a tool to help you ship better APIs. You can now run a simple command and generate a changelog based on changes in Git from your OpenAPI doc. I have to say the output he shared does look pretty nice.

# TodoAPI
### Mon May 22 2023
- added `GET` `/todos/{todoId}/{userIdA}`
### Thu March 9 2023
- `GET` `/todos`:
  - changed `200` response `todos`.`items`.`name` to optional
  - changed `200` response `todos`.`items`.`message` to required
  - removed `exclude_completed` query parameter
  - removed `category` query parameter

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