Introducing the Webhook Standard

Svix's new webhook standard, developed with industry giants like Zapier and Twilio, streamlines webhooks, garnering quick adoption. Highlights include Huma's Go framework, Bruno's API client growth, 'Tidy First' coding and more!

Introducing the Webhook Standard

Svix offers Webhooks as a Service, but they have been cooking up something extraordinary for the last year. Working alongside developers from other companies like Zapier, Twilio, Supabase and more, they have been working on a webhook standard.

A standard protocol we follow for webhooks will make our lives much easier, especially if it already has support from multiple large providers in the industry. It was only released a few days ago and is already seeing adoption. You can find more info on their blog or check out the standard. I am super excited about this one. Great work, Svix!

One note: With the holiday upon us, the API's You Won't Hate newsletter will skip the issue on the 1st of January as we all enjoy some time off. Happy Holidays from all of us here, Phil, Mike and Alexander. Hopefully, you all have some time off and get a break from your screens and keys.


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The API Round-Up

Our monthly round-up of articles, news and updates from APIs You Won't Hate and around the web.

Huma: A New API Framework for Go

A simple, fast, and modern HTTP framework for building REST and RPC APIs in Go. Inspired by Python's FastAPI, Huma has first-class OpenAPI and JSON Schema support. Some interesting choices have been made around accept headers and JSON error types. It's worth checking out.

Idempotency Keys

Unlock the potential of idempotency keys for fail-proof retries! Join our very own Phil as he delves into practical examples, tackles security and scalability, and introduces the 'Idempotency-Key' header in the new RFC!

Bruno is Growing

I mentioned Bruno, a git-based open-source API client, a few issues back. Well, since then, it's grown to 25,000 monthly active users. With more contributors, issues, and PRs than the owner can handle, Anoop is moving to work on Bruno full-time starting in January. If you haven't checked out Bruno yet, what are you waiting for?

Tidy First

I love a good book, and Tidy First is one you should pick up. Chapters are short and offer insights on how to make your code more manageable and readable. The first 15 chapters are an easy ready building on top of each other. Once you get past these first 15, you move onto big-picture refactors and eventually more profound questions like what software design isβ€”a great read.


PHP in Go? FrankenPHP gives you a production PHP server with one command. It's a PHP server written in Go. FrankenPHP just released v1.o and supports Symphony, Laravel and WordPress. Honestly, the Frankenstein elephant sells it more than I ever could.

Level Up Your Skills

I had some learning budget to burn before the end of the year and was looking for something more than your basic book or course. I found most courses do not go as deep as I want. Enter Code Crafters. Rebuild Redis, Docker, Database and more in a variety of languages. You also get feedback on your work; I highly recommend it.

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest from the team at API's You Won't Hate.

2023 Most Read Article

I thought I would share our most-read article from 2023. Top of the list comes Understanding RPC, REST and GraphQL. I have to admit I was surprised by this one. Phil breaks down the technical differences between RPC, REST and GraphQL without touching the honest nest of which one is best. We all know it's SOAP API's anyway.

From Our Community

Articles written and shared in our free Slack community.

HATEOAS corpus

Jamie shared an amazing podcast episode from Changelog & Friends. In this episode, they dive into all things API Design. Covering GraphQL, why do we do REST wrong, and what is HATEOAS?

Finding Dark Data

Dana is back with another blog post, working us through Dark Data. Dana covers what it is and the risks it brings. He walks you through common approaches for checking for Dark Data in your API. A great read, as always, Dana.

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