Navigating Network Failures

The latest API news from around the web: Laravel Pulse, AWS Lambda's Node 20, open-source API keys, Ktor framework, State of JavaScript 2023, and more...

Navigating Network Failures

I read a lot, and I mean a lot, but there's one blogger from whom I eagerly await a new post. Sam Rose creates some of the best visual explainers I have ever seen. His latest blog explores the challenges of handling failed network requests in software development and different retry methods.

It is a fantastic read.

You'll learn how to give your system the best chance to recover when failure happens.

-Alexander K

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The API Round-Up

Our monthly round-up of articles, news and updates from APIs You Won't Hate and around the web.

Laravel Pulse

Let's be honest: the Laravel community and ecosystem are amazing. Laravel Pulse is a new open-source tool coming to the ecosystem which offers insights into your application's performance and usage. It looks incredible, and I can't believe it's open-source. Go Laravel!

AWS Lambda Get's Node 20

AWS Lambda now supports the Node.js 20 runtime, offering enhanced performance and new language features while streamlining certificate loading for faster cold starts and improved efficiency in serverless applications. I am a big fan of Serverless, so I am super excited about this one.

API Keys

I came across this new tool while looking at API key options for an API built on Cloudflare. A tool for providing open-source user-facing API keys, focusing on low latency by storing the keys globally. Keys on the edge. Check it out.


At Atlassian, I use a lot of Kotlin and Spring Boot. Even though Spring Boot is rock solid, so much of it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Say hello to Ktor, a simple and fun framework for building server applications. Finally something that brings a more straightforward approach to web frameworks that I have come to expect from other languages.

State of JavaScript 2023

It is that time of year again. The state of JavaScript 2023 survey is here. If you use JS in your work, head over and ensure API developers are represented in the results.

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest from the team at API's You Won't Hate.

OpenAPI & AsyncAPI: Advanced $ref Guide

Phil walks us through using $ref in OpenAPI and AsyncAPI, helping you manage complex YAML/JSON documents and streamline your API descriptions. It is time to clean things up by splitting description documents with $ref.


Mike has been busy. His team just raised $6 million in a seed round for his start-up Craftwork. Congratulations Mike. Craftwork streamlines planning and ordering home painting services, focusing on transparent pricing and quality assurance.

From Our Community

Articles written and shared in our free Slack community.

Bypassing API Rate Limiting

Another cracking article from Dana about using IP rotation in Burp to bypass API rate limitations. It's a great read; as always, thanks, Dana.

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