Killing Your Products

In this newsletter: the downfall of Google Search, Atlassian buys Optic, buffer overflows for APIs, Stripe Workbench, Bruno for API Hacking, and JSONPath + OpenAPI

Killing Your Products

It's not API-focused, but I read an article titled "The Man Who Killed Google" this week, and it left such an impression that I had to share. The article and the linked emails were fascinating, but they reminded me how competing priorities, internal politics or individuals can easily ruin products. It's worth the read.

However, feel free to skip and jump straight into this issue's round-up of API goodness.

-- Alexander

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The API Round-Up

Our monthly round-up of articles, news and updates from APIs You Won't Hate and around the web.

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Optic Acquired by Atlassian

Optic, a tool for automating OpenAPI developer workflows, has been acquired by Atlassian. Optic will be integrated into Compass, Atlassian's developer experience platform. Optics had some excellent CLI tools, so hopefully, this will accelerate their offering.

Breaking APIs with Naughty Strings

There is a list of naughty strings out there that can cause severe issues for your API. Dive deep into this very naughty list and discover how to use them to find validation failures, buffer overflows, or injection attacks.

Stripe Workbench

Stripe has released a new tool, currently in beta, that gives you a fantastic UI to help you debug and work with their tools and API. Honestly, I can not begin to explain how cool this is in such a short summary. It gives you an overlay on their UI, shows API logs based on what you see, calls APIs without writing code and more. It's a fantastic tool, making working with their API effortless.

Learn OAuth 2.0

At some point, when building an API, you're going to have to deal with OAuth. On the surface, the protocol seems easy enough, but it always trips you up at some point. This fantastic tutorial teaches you OAuth by helping you build your own OAuth Client.

Building BlueSky

This article takes a deep dive into building BlueSky and what it takes to build scaleable federated software. It is an exciting read that covers many areas, including the database layer and moving from AWS to on-prem.

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest from the team at API's You Won't Hate.

How To use JSONPath with OpenAPI

Learn how to use JSONPath, a language that allows you to query JSON documents to poke around in an OpenAPI doc. You can use JSONPath to patch OpenAPI docs, write advanced linting rules, and more. Phil breaks down what it is and how to use it in his usual charming way.

From Our Community

Articles written and shared in our free Slack community.

Is Bruno a good Postman alternative for API hacking?

I have already mentioned Bruno a few times in this newsletter. If you are not caught up, Bruno is an open-source alternative to Postman that allows you to save your requests in Git. Dana breaks down its features, from requests to testing and more, giving it a fair review. Thank you for the share, Dana.

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