OpenAPI 4: Project Moonwalk

Learn about Version 4.0 of OpenAPI, nicknamed "Project Moonwalk", which is set for a 2024 release. Catch news about HTMX, API Docs, Cloudflare Go, and Bruno, an API client that works with Git.

OpenAPI 4: Project Moonwalk

The OpenAPI committee set a release date of 2024 for version four. We're now a third of the way through the year, so the release date is getting closer. Thankfully, the one and only Phil has taken the time to explain what we can expect in his latest article: OpenAPI v4.0 (AKA "Project Moonwalk").

The spec will support a broader range of URL design patterns, different response bodies based on query parameters, and more. Phil also covers some of the ongoing discussions in the spec. I highly recommend you read this post.

-- Alexander

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The API Round-Up

Our monthly round-up of articles, news and updates from APIs You Won't Hate and around the web.

HTMX Revives RESTful APIs

By now, you've likely encountered HTMX, and if not, you've probably stumbled upon the killer meme or engaging shitposting about it on Twitter. Author Mathew Reinbold provides a comprehensive rundown of how HTMX revitalizes proper REST, shedding light on the issues introduced by JavaScript and Single Page Applications.

Treblle API Documentation

Crafting API documentation from scratch might feel intimidating, especially after completing the API development or for an existing API. Luckily, Treblle offers a remarkable self-documenting feature driven by traffic. But the real question is: does it meet the lofty standards set by our very own Phil Sturgeon?

Bruno Releases a New Version

Bruno is an open-source API client that works with Git, and they just pushed a new version. Environment secrets are now masked for added security alongside OAuth 2.0 fixes. Features like Request History and Export Collection as OpenAPI Specs have been added, with numerous bug fixes. Excitingly, 23 new contributors have joined Bruno's vibrant community!

Cloudflare Go

Version two of the Cloudflare Go library is out. It's a complete rebuild of the first version, but the best part is that it is all generated from their OpenAPI spec. Is there anything OpenAPI can't do?

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest from the team at API's You Won't Hate.

Use OpenAPI Overlays Today

When I first saw this title, I wondered what an overlay is—I had never heard of these before. Overlays help you change parts of an OpenAPI spec using JSON paths. Imagine you have a base spec but maybe need to ship slight variations for different clients. Overlays make this process easier and save you from writing multiple specs.

API Code-first: How to Generate OpenAPI from Code

Phil has updated the API code first vs design first debate, covering a more comprehensive range of tools, giving you better code-first workflows and improved tooling for the design-first approach.

🎙️ APIs for websites that don't have APIs, with Suchintan Singh from Skyvern

Suchintan Singh, founder of Skyvern (Y Combinator S23) stops by the podcast to chat about using LLMs and AI Agents to automate workflows in the cloud. Skyvern's approach to building a business follows a classic startup path: find painful, boring tasks, and automate them!

From Our Community

Articles written and shared in our free Slack community.

Writing API Security Tests in Postman

Dan, a frequent contributor to our API Slack community, shares a concise guide on API security testing with Postman. Dan's article equips you with essential tools and knowledge for safeguarding your APIs, from understanding vulnerabilities to implementing authentication and data validation tests. Check it out to enhance your API security practices!

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