Frontend with OpenAPI

Explore frontend tools that can be used to build and implement interfaces for design-first APIs, like Orval, Quicktype, OpenAPI Qraft, and Kubb.

Frontend with OpenAPI

My day job is all things backend development; well, mostly. I also love all things frontend. React, Vite and Remix have become my go-to tools for building websites and web apps. That's right, I love JavaScript, and I won't stop pushing it till we all embrace the one true language and use nothing else 🤣😉.

Anyway, jokes aside, we can agree on the importance of the API Design First approach. Can we reuse this effort that we are putting into our OpenAPI spec? Well, you're in luck. I have put some great tools together to help generate queries, hooks, validations, and more in your front end with your OpenAPI specs.

-- Alexander

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Dive into the fun of coding with Orval, where turning OpenAPI specs into TypeScript magic is just a click away! It's not just about TypeScript; you can craft query code effortlessly for React, Vue, and Svelte using Tanstack Query. This combo makes building and maintaining robust web applications easier, keeping them in line with your OpenAPI spec.


Standing out from the other tools/libraries I recommended this week, Quicktype can work with JSON or GraphQL queries. This lets you generate types and API clients in Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, Go, Java, and more. It is a fantastic tool for all languages.

OpenAPI Qraft

Unleash the power of Tanstack Query with OpenAPI-Qraft react client —a game-changing toolkit for React apps that simplifies API interactions. Make your development journey smooth and efficient by generating type-safe API queries from your OpenAPI spec. Dive deeper into their toolkit with the CLI package to enhance your project's automation and efficiency.


Take things further with Kubb generating not just Tanstack Query but SWR (another popular networking library), Zod for validation, MSW for mocking and more. Kubb can build half of your front end using your OpenAPI spec —another reason to be API design first.

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Bump has spent much time with Phil and wrote a blog for a concise guide on documenting Ruby on Rails APIs with OpenAPI. This post offers essential insights for Rails developers aiming to enhance their API documentation, ensuring clarity and improving usability. A valuable resource for those dedicated to refining their development practices

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