So Long, OpenAPI PetStore

We bid the Pet Store API example a fond farewell, and look to a new future with the newly released Train Travel API. Also this week: laravel, express, and the terminal UI for OpenAPI!

So Long, OpenAPI PetStore

We all appreciate a great example, and the longstanding go-to for OpenAPI specs has been the Pet Store API, which now feels quite outdated and fails to showcase current best practices.

Thankfully, Phil and the talented team at Bump have introduced a fresh, modern example: the Train Travel API. Additionally, the Museum API serves as another outstanding reference. Both examples are instrumental in guiding you towards crafting excellent OpenAPI specifications. I am currently adding a task to Jira to ensure my team's API follows these guides.

– Alexander

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Train Travel API: A Modern OpenAPI PetStore Replacement

If you want a deeper dive into the new Train Travel API, Phil has written this excellent blog for Bump. He breaks down some of the components of the new example, the motivation behind it and why it's a lot better than the Pet Store example.

Add OpenAPI tags for next-level API descriptions

Explore the magic of OpenAPI tags with Lorna Mitchell's insightful piece on how they revolutionize API documentation. See how tags enhance navigation, improve endpoint discovery, and bring structure to your API descriptions. Get inspired by practical examples like the Museum API to see tags in action.

Testing Laravel Nova Actions

Phil guides you through testing Laravel Nova Actions effectively, sidestepping the need for full browser testing. Using the Tree Tracker project, he provides a step-by-step approach to feature testing Nova Actions directly. This is a good read that will help you simplify the complexities of automated testing.

Express is Back

That's right. The beloved and most used Node web framework is finally getting updates. A massive chunk of the JS ecosystem has been building all its web APIs on a framework without meaningful updates for years. However, this is a thing of the past. Express is back with its first update and plans for the following three versions.

Terminal UI For OpenAPI

A fun Terminal UI is built in Rust for browsing an OpenAPI Spec inside your terminal. The demo gif is fantastic, so I am linking it here.

APIs You Won't Hate

The latest from the team at API's You Won't Hate.

🎙️ Building a developer brand and simple API for email, with Zeno Rocha from Resend

Zeno Rocha from Resend shares the story of his Y Combinator backed company, and what it's like to build great open source tools, focused & minimal APIs, and a great engineering team.

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Five more Burp extensions for API hacking

Once again, Dana shares another blog post on API hacking to help with API security testing. His latest blog runs you through five amazing Burp extensions to make the job easier.

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