Tech Twitter is Gone.

Tech Twitter is gone, and a new series on building APIs in Laravel just dropped. Swagger finally supports the latest OpenAPI spec, and the Rest vs Graph argument is back.

Tech Twitter is Gone.

I miss tech Twitter, not for the drama, clickbait or people dunking on each other's language of choice. I miss tech Twitter because it was a great place to find what others were working on and see the exciting things being shared. A quick scroll once a day left me with some great articles and videos to watch. Not to mention the ability to find incredible role models.

Since the takeover, many people have left, and the feed is a mess. I still get hints of tech Twitter alongside a cesspool of hate and garbage. Mastodon, BlueSky and now Threads don't seem to have captured the same magic, and the incredible people I learnt from aren't all there. It looks like finding content for the newsletter is going to be harder from now on.

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Building APIs in Laravel

Steve McDougall drops an introductory post to his series on building REST APIs in Laravel. The series will be released in stages to subscribers on substack, and once finished, Steve plans to turn it into a book. To quote Steve directly, "We will start with a CRUD-style API and look at the steps we might need to take to refactor this API to be something even Phil Sturgeon would be proud of."

REST vs GraphQL vs gRPC vs SOAP

Bruno Pedro talks us through the different API styles and their trade-offs in the Postman Blog. Bruno presents a simple framework he uses for picking the best architectural style for what your building. If you choose SOAP, though, I will come for you. I have many scars from integrating government services that used SOAP, possibly due to the government outsourcing all IT talent.

Swagger Now Supports Latest OpenAPI Spec

SmartBear has finally updated the open-source tooling for Swagger to support the latest OpeAPI spec. It took them some time, but great to see they have caught up, considering how many companies use Swagger to document their APIs.

Running Github Actions Locally

GitHub Actions have become the place to run tests, deployments and builds for many projects. Using act you can run them locally, getting feedback and testing changes before committing.

Testing the dark scenarios of your Node.js application

I know most of our community are PHP developers driving around in Lamborghinis, but Yoni covers some necessary tests your backend application should not be without. What if you have a zombie process milling around or a service times out? Yoni delivers a fantastic read and helps you build better applications.

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An API to abstract everything, with Roy Pereira of

On this episode of the podcast, Mike and Phil chat with Roy Pereira from, who are building a service that gives dev teams one API to use for integrating with external services. It's as ambitious as it sounds.

From Our Community

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How to exploit an API

Dana Epp shared with our community this incredible blog he wrote on exploring an API using prototype pollution. Dana walks us through what prototype pollution is, how to detect it and how to do it. Well worth a read; thanks, Dana!

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