Web Frameworks & OpenAPI

In this issue of the newsletter, we share some of the many available pairings of brilliant OpenAPI tools and web frameworks. From Kotlin to Python, Hono & Zod to Fastify, there's great OpenAPI plugins all around.

Web Frameworks & OpenAPI

AWS released their new JS runtime called LLRT. Faced with a new level of JavaScript fatigue, not just frameworks but different runtimes that are all different, I decided to learn PHP 😉. I jest a little; we seem to be coming full circle with adopting standards; check out the WinterCG group, so working with these new runtimes should be easy 🤞.

In the last two weeks, I have spent far too much time getting OpenAPI generation to work on a Kotlin project. However, it inspired me to look into some of the most popular OpenAPI tools in some of the best web frameworks. Here is what I found.

-- Alexander

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Python: OpenAPI Core

Validate request and response data against an OpenAPI spec. The library openapi-core includes integration for popular frameworks like Django, Flash and Falcon. Make sure your Python API matches the spec with this great library.

JS: Zod OpenAPI Hono

Who uses Express anymore, right 😉? Hono is a speedy web framework for JavaScript. Hono has built an official plugin for Zod to OpenAPI, allowing you to create schemas and routes using Zod, an extremely popular validation library. If you have not tried Hono or Zod yet, what are you waiting for? Start a new side project today.

Go: OpenAPI Client and Server Code Generator

Generate GO server boilerplate from your OpenAPI specs. Oapi-codegen offers even more, allowing you to create client boilerplate as well. The package is looking for contributors, so get involved.

Java/Kotlin: Spring Doc

Spring Boot is an incredibly popular Java library for building API's. When it comes to documenting the API, look no further than Spring Doc. Use annotations on your controller's routes and classes to generate OpenAPI spec, which in turn can be generated into Swagger UI.

Python: Sane and Flexible OpenAPI Schema Generation

A fantastic plugin for the popular web framework Django drf-spectacular generates as much schema from Django as possible. A fork of Django's own OpenAPI generator, it add a lot of missing features.

JS: Fastify

A modern and fast alternative to Epxress.js, Fastify makes building APIs a dream. They take things further with two fantastic OpenAPI plugins. @fastify/swagger for generating documentation from your Fastify route schemas or OpenAPI schema. If you want to go the opposite way, check out Fastify OpenAPI Glue for generating Fastify routes from OpenAPI.

Go: Swag

To create OpenAPI spec from your code, check out swag, which works with the most popular Go web frameworks. Swag has an in-depth guide for supporting the ultra-fast Gin framework to create Swagger UI. The only downside is they don't fully support OpenAPI 3 yet, but they're getting close. You can track progress in this open pull request.

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As it turns out, there are many great OpenAPI tools that you can get your hands on right now. We don't mention it here often, but APIs You Won't Hate maintains an awesome-list style catalog of OpenAPI tools on our website... openapi.tools! No matter how obscure your stack, there's probably something great in there for you.

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